I have a serious problem making “clubs”…

This one is very niche and I doubt there will be many “members” 😛

@tdarb ooof. That’s gonna be a difficult one to join.

@tdarb I have one:, currently zero bytes. Of course, that’s ‘cause I don’t have anything to put there yet. :)

@tdarb Why thank you; “outside of the box” describes where I live.

Except when I’m plagiarizing; I prefer the term “thinking inside the box”

@tdarb Damn I totally thought one of my pages would apply but I guess I have a lot more to learn about minimizing webpages haha Ha! Kind of want to put a site together that qualifies just for fun.

@tdarb what I always wonder – is it only about the frontpage and the rest doesn‘t count?

@claus This is based on individual pages. So even if a homepage is larger, sub pages could be added

@tdarb Amusingly enough, if you have images turned off, my private portal landing page is 428 bytes. haha.

@tdarb What if the list grows larger than a 1 KB website can contain?! Will you be unfairly called out for hypocrisy?!

@tdarb there's not much to it, but my site comes in well under 1k:

@tdarb Nice! That

<link rel=icon href=data:,>

saves a whole 440 B compared to the default httpd 404 page for /favicon.ico. Taking notes.

@tdarb I may have mentioned this before, but: I mean, not sure about 1K, but there was a hell of a lot people would do with just 5K.

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