New pblog patch is out!

"New Default Styling and 2x Faster!"

Nothing seems to have broken - yet - so I am cautiously happy :)

@tdarb Thanks for the mention. Incidentally, did you see my post about generating static YouTube preview links instead of pasting embed code into posts?

It's not really a tweak for , but it might come in handy.

@tdarb I'm digging the config file being sourced into the script. Clean implementation!

@shom Thanks! Should have been that way from the start…

@tdarb good to avoid the premature optimization rabbit hole though!

@tdarb I am so happy to see this based on Pandoc. Took me a while to appreciate the beauty of . And pblog does RSS too! Very nice and thank you. I created this multi-format resume based on pandoc once I became a convert:

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