Taking OpenCore Legacy Patcher(1) for a spin today on my 2011 model MacBook Air.

If things go smoothly, I plan to write-up a quick review of the process and performance results.

(1): dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Le


Writing this post from my 2011 MacBook Air running Monterey 12.4

@tdarb The fact a machine eleven years old can run the most current OS is a testament to Apple’s hardware support.

On a side note, I must be the only person who keeps trying to run dark mode on all my home and work devices and chickens out each time. 😂

@pete Well it "can" run the current OS - but not officially. If anything I think this proves Apple drops support for hardware that would work fine.

Just have a simple "We cannot guarantee the quality of running this OS on your selected hardware..etc etc"

(Although I do understand 11 years is pushing it)

@tdarb Ah, I thought this was running officially. Nonetheless, it’s still impressive even if it’s not what Apple supports!

@tdarb what hoops did you jump through to get it working? Is the performance similar or better?
I have a 2015 that I want to update and give out to family/friends and wanted to get an idea of your lived experience.


Just ran through it this morning, first time. Followed the instructions and it basically held my hand all the way through.

Performance seems solid (so far). I've read that some of the window "drop shadows" can look odd when moving them around quickly, but I've yet to see this happen.


@tdarb @shom You sir, are on a roll. Wrangling pandoc and old computers to your will. 😉

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