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@tdarb There’s an open bug for this on the WebKit tracker. The same bug was filed in Chromium and the Chromium team followed through with a fixed palette.

Wrote about it in my expanded dark theme recommendations.

I’d also recommend styling a:link rather than a blank “a“ since that’s what default stylesheets have done for years; a:link does not apply to “a“ elements that have no “href“. I’d recommend styling the active state too to provide feedback when right-clicking or holding down.

Because some users alter default stylesheets, we can’t color anything halfway or we risk clashing with an existing palette we didn’t expect.

techpost, web browsers 


All fantastic points! (Thanks for the WebKit ticket link as well - was unaware of it being actively tracked)

You’re also correct about specifying a:link. I plan to update all these items in the article, linking credit you and your best web practices “article” (more like a growing wiki!)


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@tdarb yeah i really need to split my blog onto a "real blog" and a "personal public wiki". thanks for the kind words.
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