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As my personal site states: I'm a designer, developer, hardware tinkerer, open source advocate & consumer of dark roast coffee.

I blog about stupid web things (mostly CSS stuff) on my blog

Feel free to reach out with any comments, concerns or if you just want to chat!

@tdarb Welcome. I always preferred the term "free software" over "open source".

@likho @tdarb

Arguably, "open source" is better than "free software".

Free software tends to be opposite of, well, "free" software.

A program loaded with restrictions isn't what I would call "free".

@Phate6660 @tdarb Open source software says to me that the source is viewable; however, open source does not mean the code is not or can not be made copyrighted.

@likho @tdarb

I mean as a term itself.
Saying "free software" gives the expectation of it actually being free.
When in reality most licenses (including "free software licenses") add restrictions to the end user/developer.

Open source is much more sensible to be, because it doesn't give any false interpretations, except what it is. An open source program.

@Phate6660 @tdarb I guess the term can be confusing. But copyleft doesn't seem to be a term that has taken off. There are open source software that are still technically copyrighted which is the main aspect I take issue to.

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