I want to delete my Facebook account because I don't use it but I used to use Facebook login a lot to sign up sites. I wonder if it will be a problem in the future.

@taylantatli, hardest part is finding all of them. Then you get to see it they let you change your password. If so, great! But you have to do this before you kill off your FB account.

@IslandUsurper @taylantatli I had this issue. You can go into your account settings on Facebook an look for something along the lines of "linked accounts". You can see every service that you use Facebook to log into. You can log into each service, and either supply an email if you haven't already and disconnect it from Facebook, or deactivate the account on that service.

@robby @IslandUsurper You are a lifesaver! Thank you. I found the list and they indeed not important.

@IslandUsurper Exactly! And I need to figure out how to find them. They shouldn't be important sites since I don't remember any of them but who knows.

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