Do we have to press the "Refresh all feeds in the background" button every time to fetch new contents in ? Otherwise, I don't see any new content.

@taylantatli Nope, but let me check the confit file on my miniflux to see if I’m specifying any settings for that...

@taylantatli The only setting I see in my /etc/miniflux.conf that likely impacts this is:


Didn’t check if that’s seconds or minutes, but I know I login throughout the day and feeds have refreshed with new content.

@TechZerker Thanks for the help 🙏 I use Miniflux Hosting so I don't know what is default value but it seems 2 hours is the default. Still, if I don't press the button I can't see all posts just a few.

@taylantatli That is weird, I can’t think of any setting that would stop the regular refresh, but maybe something unique to the hosted version if lots of users puts more resource strain or something. A two user instance with about 60 feeds each I ran on a cheap $4 VPS for a good couple years :P

@taylantatli @TechZerker I think the default is every 60 minutes with a cap of 25 feeds. That may be why. So it would cycle them basically.


these are what i use in my conf file


they serve me pretty well. also i think miniflux does some sort of intelligent checking on feeds. feeds that aren’t updated as often are checked as frequently and that sort of thing.


@celia @TechZerker you mean it will only check for 25 subscriptions in an hour and then the other 25 subscriptions and go on. This can explain my situation.

Sorry, English is not my native language.

@taylantatli Yes, correct! At least that's how I understand it. :)


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