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We released gum yesterday, which lets you enhance your shell scripts with a user-friendly TUI, complete with dialogs, prompts, lists, and selections.

if you're into scripting or crafting immensely powerful shell one-liners, you should honestly check out the README, there are a ton of amazing examples:

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@Anachron Badly! They are the byproduct of using a druve that's sitting around to copy some files over and, well, it's just 100G I can leave them for later... now it's a backup. I'm going to use the PC with the graphics card to reveal some photos and leave them there for later... another backup. Cloud services: backups. Old phones, believe or not: backups, straight away. I have the worst file management system in history because of backups.

I'm working to fix this years old problem though :D

I'm merging lots of old backups and rmlint is being a godsend to find and remove duplicate files! Also ranger to copy files with the same name as existing ones into a directory and mark them with a '_' after the extension :D

Great idea of mine to start reading Dune in the middle of a heat wave!

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Dart, Go, now Carbon it is kind of funny how a search engine company is constantly making programming languages with names that are impossible to search for :p

@ascott The time spent on security is something to consider, yes. An issue with this is a total lack of knowledge about how much will hosting it at home cost in electricity. It is super clear how much I'm going to pay for a VPS, but I have no idea about how much I will be paying for a computer at home.

Availability is also a concern, so I think I'll be going with a VPS for now and see where the future takes me. Thanks!

@benjaminhollon I try to avoid databases too, but sometimes they're just so convenient! I'll check mongoose and postgre since most people have recommended it to you :D

I have a question to : I'm considering hosting my own gitlab/gitea instance in a server. Would you recommend that I host my own machine at home or a server hosting service? The thing that matters the most to me right now is the price. I don't mind starting with a cheap and slow system and upgrading it with time :)

@tobtobxx @garritfra That was Gardiner The Linux Gamer! I haven't watched much from him but I remember that specific clip.

@PowellDean Does it have an Nvidia card? I know one MSI laptop that will only enable the HDMI output if the card is running.

@benjaminhollon Why are you abandoning Mongo? I'm considering it for a project xD

@birnim I like Lua and I have experience writing stuff for Neovim with it, but Python feels much more expressive to me. I also love that it has type annotations :p

I'm seriously considering never writing Shell again unless it is for very simple tasks and migrate all my scripts to Python. It's infinitely more maintainable!

ph, covid question mark? 

@aksiwot Good luck! I had covid almost a month ago and it sucked but the symptoms were very mild. There's hope even if you catch it!

Rock Band Unplugged is one of the best music and rhythm games I've ever tried. I love how it makes you switch between four instruments to play different parts of the piece every time!

Clip with Blink 182's The Rock Show:

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I just now realized it's called firmware because firm is in the middle of hard and soft...
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