My only hope to save the semester is to start doing markings engineering. Translation in the alt text.

Just started replaying one of my favourite games of all time!

I'm clearing r/neovim's years-old moderation queue and there was a time years ago when bots pasted comments from other subs. Well, I've found one that could have been a real comment xD

Thank you GitHub for democatrizing the access to open source software projects

I'm in the middle of refactoring this function and thought it would be nice to show you some cursed code.

$Caracter is an array of char right? But why is it subtracting from $nume? Ahhhh, because it's an array of ints that represent indices of the different characters in $chars. Kind of obvious when you look at the assignment for $resultado, but the build-up was brutal!

Mi phone's screen just died. Long live open source for letting me unlock the screen and backup my files from my laptop

Most of its software was aimed for tecnical students, not 6-7th grade children. Teachers were given little to no training on using the system, in my school they just expected the pupils to know how to use a Linux system, which was preposterous considering most didn't even know how to use Windows appart from opening the Tuenti ( on their internet broswer.

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I jout found at home a netbook the Andalusian govt gave to all students aged 9-10 in 2009. It came with Guadalinex ( no English page), an Ubuntu-based linux distro focused created by regional civil servants that aimed to promote computer skills and free software on Andalusian schools. It came with Ubuntu 9, Mate Desktop and a really good free and non-free software selection. However, the initiative was discontinued a little more than a year later.


I've been working with PHP for the past two months and it still amazes me how engineers with an at least minimal idea of MVC considered this acceptable:

My most sincere apologies to the future maintainers of this software


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