I'm merging lots of old backups and rmlint is being a godsend to find and remove duplicate files! Also ranger to copy files with the same name as existing ones into a directory and mark them with a '_' after the extension :D

@taxorubio why? How were the backups stored?

I use a deduplication system. No need to store the same blob twice.

@Anachron Badly! They are the byproduct of using a druve that's sitting around to copy some files over and, well, it's just 100G I can leave them for later... now it's a backup. I'm going to use the PC with the graphics card to reveal some photos and leave them there for later... another backup. Cloud services: backups. Old phones, believe or not: backups, straight away. I have the worst file management system in history because of backups.

I'm working to fix this years old problem though :D

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