I have a question to : I'm considering hosting my own gitlab/gitea instance in a server. Would you recommend that I host my own machine at home or a server hosting service? The thing that matters the most to me right now is the price. I don't mind starting with a cheap and slow system and upgrading it with time :)

@taxorubio I don't know that there's really a right answer to this. A cheap VPS will only cost ~5 USD per month, while the upfront cost of a new machine at home will be much higher. I would say owning your own hardware is typically cheaper than renting someone else's, but you'll have to think about security too. At the very least, you need to assume that any ssh/http ports you open on your home router will be bombarded by script kiddies. Monetarily it will be cheaper, time-wise maybe not.

@ascott The time spent on security is something to consider, yes. An issue with this is a total lack of knowledge about how much will hosting it at home cost in electricity. It is super clear how much I'm going to pay for a VPS, but I have no idea about how much I will be paying for a computer at home.

Availability is also a concern, so I think I'll be going with a VPS for now and see where the future takes me. Thanks!

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