I Have Had Issues: I'm not seeking attention or sympathy.

I'm sharing because:
• Many suffer in silence and I want those people to know that they aren't alone.
• There's times I haven't been easy to be around - I'm sorry, but that're most difficult for me too.
• The more I've hid my "inner world", the more distant I've felt from everyone.
• More people should talk about it, share and appreciate the "real" version of us not the"filtered" version of social media.

@tariquesani True Tarique. Thank you for sharing.

Hi from old FOSS/LJ network.

@Bebeembop but we should. Don’t we talk about most of our other health issues!!

@tariquesani The one thing I felt growing up was there wasnt people around who would listen to you without getting judged.
So decided to talk to all my younger ones and let them know any time they want to talk there is somebody to listen.

Which has led to a lot of conversations with a lot of people over the years. And for most people just having an avenue is more than enough.

@Vishsai That is a great approach. Teaching the kids to be open about it.

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