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The specific question i raised was were we liberals caught by surprise and shocked by his ascendancy or we were expecting it?
If we were shocked we should analyse where we went wrong. Were we complacent and condescending with the people who we now criticize and label as "bhakts"?
Anyway only navel gazing won't help. The idea is to find a solution and a voice.

@VivekT I personally was shocked and surprised. I always use to boast my India will not allow it. My friends from all religion are very secure and secular they will see through it and not support. All that has unfortunately been proven wrong. People I have known for half a century appear like strangers, nay zombies following some unresistable force. I can’t fathom what could I have done differently

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@VivekT I don’t think I am dealing with it at all, other than just be stunned! At times doubting my own self...

What do you do when a childhood friend says your death could be an acceptable collateral damage? Or suddenly when my silence is the price asked for “inclusion”?

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I really do not have an answer and I can't say "you should do this...or do that" because I am not facing the problems that you are. I too am looking for answers, which is why I put forth this topic for discussion
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@VivekT Thanks for listening anyway. I have been reading how the Germans dealt with it, unfortunately there are only a few stories of individual heroism. No real answers. Most are rather apologetic pieces of how the seemingly good people all around allowed the genocide to happen and said “that part we never supported”

De novo thinking is needed! The only hope is facist always fall!

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@VivekT I kind of saw it coming. NDA’s second term had been a disaster, and Modi hit the right notes on economy and corruption. I don’t remember him bringing up religion during his first campaign.

I knew people wanted a change. But that they would vote BJP so overwhelmingly was a shock.
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@shinjini bigger shock for me was 2019. I could accept people wanted change and were desperate for it in 2014.

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@tariquesani Yes. It was a bigger shock. Worse was they consolidated their position. And this campaign was purely on Hindu-Muslim grounds. Still.

No wonder they’re so brazen about everything.

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Dil na umeed to nahi, nakaam hi to hai
lambi hai gham ki shaam magar shaam hi to hai
- Faiz

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