Most online articles about mental health are content marketing for therapy centers and therapists. While I get why they're doing it, it doesn't actually help to get associated with the Big Pharma capitalist agenda way of bringing health and wellness to the world.

@tariquesani I don't necessarily know (I'm not a professional myself). But everything I've read suggests therapy as the sole solution. What about for those for whom therapy isn't possible for any number of reasons? How are these issues addressed in societies that don't have therapy as a mainstay? It can't be the be-all and end-all of a pan human problem.

@ideasmithy Societies which don’t have therapy as the mainstay are rooted in empathy and resilience. Something we unfortunately stopped teaching children a while back.

@tariquesani That's very useful and interesting to know. This is the kind of idea I'd like to read about. Somehow everything online though feels like the literature leading up to "For best results, contact your local therapist".

@ideasmithy Therapists will not be able to do much as time goes by, the sheer magnitude of problem is too large. We need equivalent of Preventive Medicine. We all know washing hands before meals is healthy - that’s preventive medicine (and common knowledge). Need a way to tell people (and make them do) things like expressing gratitude daily can keep depression at bay. I think even before that we need to work on ending the stigma... I don’t have solutions either but there is hope

@tariquesani Speaking of preventive medicine, I've been asking every single doctor/specialist I've seen in the last decade what I should be doing to stave off issues in their area of expertise. Not one likes answering that.

What do you think of the mindfulness practice? Does it have any tangible benefits or is it another well-marketed on trend buzzword?


@ideasmithy Mindfulness is helpful is keeping you grounded in the now. Which in turn prevents the pendulum of thoughts from swinging too widely and erratically. The whole idea of healthy mental process is not about avoiding negative emotions (we need them) but to prevent those emotions from becoming dysfunctional for us. So anxiety prepares you for challenge but shouldn’t overwhelm you. Anger keeps you pointed in the moral north but should become destructive. Mindfulness helps that! Makes sense?

@tariquesani Absolutely! Okay to Boost some of these? Because these are great.

@tariquesani @ideasmithy
Mindfulness can cause a very tangible shift in stress levels. It can be simple and can be done almost anywhere and at any time. If you do something simple like even taking 5 minutes a few times a day to come into the here and now, over a rather short period of time, you could notice a difference in stress / anxiety levels. It’s something I have personal experience with and I have found it immensely helpful.

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