@Poonamsharma Didn't have short temper. But found that I kept things which angered me that keep building.

Though my ability to understand my anger seems to hit a block so thought would ask. The idea is the same. To be a better person.

@musafir @tariquesani

@Vishsai I don't have anger issues but yes I have had short temperament problem. Now its a lot better because I focused on the cause of my short tempe,understood the issues related to that,realised its not worth my energy, its harming me at great extent and I need to deal with it asap. When you want to make yourself a better and peaceful person, you find ways out to do it. @musafir @tariquesani

@Vishsai @tariquesani "It helps to notice the pain and suffering that your own anger inflicts upon you." @.naval

It's easy to give advices, than follow :)

@vjy True me asking for advice is to know more than what I understand.
And keeping it public so others may listen and hope it can help and open a dialogue.


@Poonamsharma Do agree. Have done things productively because I was angry.

But when anger makes you dysfunctional it's a whole different story. One big challenge is the lack of control when it happens.

So after a decade of going through that realised that finding moments before the anger is where the control lies.

Then it became of accepting that and staying away from people so if doesn't get an opportunity to go to the next step.

@musafir @tariquesani

@Vishsai by certainly not neglecting it. It is like any other emotion. Anger needs to be understood. And once we understand, it vanishes. And this practice once gets automated becomes management.

That's what I think. Rest
@tariquesani will be able to explain it better.

Please listen to this. And share it with whoever understands basic simple english.

Kannan Gopinathan ( @naukarshah ) Speaks on #NRC and #CitizenshipAmendmentBill


Via~ @thequint

Facebook is like that desperate Ex that continues to notify you regularly with rubbish life updates just to get your attention back.

Ever wondered why New Year Resolutions almost never stick?

What is your take on this?

The new prime minister of Finland is in the age range that is most likely to be on Mastodon, just saying...

I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but slashing primary education seems to be a backdoor ploy in bringing the caste system back. It will ensure that education remains the preserve of the mostly rich. The middle class will just manage to get by in order to survive.
And we know the caste composition of these economic classes - mostly Savarna. Depriving them of awareness could be seeds to future course of action such as doing away with reservations.

दैर नहीं, हरम नहीं, दर नहीं, आस्तां नहीं
बैठे हैं रहगुज़र हम, ग़ैर हमें उठाये क्यों?
#ghalib #Sher #urdupoetry #dilhitohai

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