There is one mistake that we should regret as a nation. Neglecting and trolling Dr. Manmohan Singh as an economist.

Well, we should and we have criticized him as a Prime Minister. But his remarks on the economy, growth and GDP have come true word by word.

#EconomicSlowdown #GDP #economy #india

People will cheer for encounter but will refrain from making "#consent" as topic of drawing room conversations.

They will not teach their young boys what it means to respect girls and #women.


@tariquesani @hackiechan people haven't learnt how to be online

we weren't divined for this

but here we are, figuring it all out anyway

Let's shout out today!! Suggest people you follow to others in your network. Also let's share why you like a particular account.
Let's help each other build a more meaningful network.

What say??

#shoutout #tootistan #india #introduction

Mastodon has so far been the most calm and productive Social Media platform I have come across. And I am saying this as a communication guy. It has been a space where you don't have to justify. It's been a space where you are not abused and trolled for disagreeing. I know, it mostly has people of similar inclination and thoughts but that's what we need right now to come up with a more organised movement. And more necessarily, speak up without any hesitation.
#fediverse #socialmedia #alternative

Mental health 

Four different people talked to me today about being chronically emotionally exhausted (either right now, or in the recent past). They all talked about different pressures to conform to a system or expectation, and feeling overwhelmed by the problems around them. They all wanted to cut down their inter-personal interactions as a way of insulating themselves.
What exactly is happening all around us? This literally feels like a mental health epidemic.

@GeetV I come from a family which hates Modi and BJP to the core.

I was pissed off with Congress due to rampant corruption during UPA2.

I went agt my family and voted for BJP in 2014. I never knew that I am voting for a "Bhasmasura" that will burn my whole nation in the fire of communalism and two Gujjus from Gujarat will be like Hitler and Mussolini reincarnated.

I still repent my decision of voting them to this day.

"It’s a popular myth that #mentalhealth and #happiness exist on the same side of a binary. #Depression in particular is portrayed as the opposite of happiness — but happiness is an emotional state, and its opposite is sadness. Depression, like other mood disorders — and anxiety, psychotic, personality, eating, and substance-use disorders — is a health condition; the opposite, aside from never developing anything to begin with, is symptom management."

It me. As the young people say.
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My totally unscientific explanation of why I quit everything I start and how everything gets too overwhelming. Bigger Version on my homepage!
(Close-ups in comments)

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Even though they have shown to be of great benefit don’t just create gratitude list in gratitude journals. Try and cultivate the art of saying thanks.

Change can be hard. Taking care of yourself is a change that's worth the work.

“How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great.”
― Bill Bennot

Specially given the fact that most “great” want an audience these days and the broken are being swept under the carpet of anonymity...

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