Quick test post to see if this is publishing in all the places.

The world would be a much better place if Music players stopped trying to organize my library. Thank the heavens for Pragha.

Set up a social.librem.one account to check it out. As far as I can tell it’s busted or no one is actually using it. Timelines are blank.

So I am back on Micro.Blog. Going to see how this works for awhile. It should be posting from here to twitter, mastodon, and facebook. And then it will all be centralized here to timapple.com

I have decided Evolution is the best email client. At least in @gnome and environments.

All I can say is, we have a very naughty mother of dragons.

Wrote my first @rustlang program... so what if it is just "Hello World"

When looking to get into the linux job market, do you think it's better to buff your resume with helping one of the main distros, i.e. :ubuntu:, :fedora: , or :opensuse: ? Will it get you more attention, kudos, cred than working on say :linuxmint: , :elementary: , or say :void:

I'm thinking of trying :elementary:'s pantheon desktop on :fedora: . It's supposed to be pretty good.

Nothing like watching to produce new content for my nightmares.

So I have been using Gnome for a few days now. Longer than I have in quite some time.

It takes quite a bit of memory, but runs well.

It makes me wonder if the time of complaining about memory consumption is over.. heck I have 16gigs of Ram on this laptop.

Is it us being stuck in our old ways complaining about memory usage? With Gnome, electron apps, etc...seems to be the norm now.

Maybe I should just stop whining about it?

Nothing but the finest security practices represented here.

Is it possible to change your id..the @tapple in my case, here on fosstodon?

Been playing with :popos: a little last night and this morning... I think it's the first time i've enjoyed being in :gnome: I'm tempted to stay longer.

After all these years, setting up a VPS and quassel, or paying for irccloud, using riot... I actually made myself learn tmux and have weechat going. Very refreshing persistent connection for me now.

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