Beep boop.

I'm Felipe. I code in Rust, I like to make games, but I never released any. When I am in a good mood, I like to make illustrations and pixel art.

I'm a Czech software engineer and sysadmin, prefering Python :python: , Golang, containers and Linux :linux: .
I like building tiny computers, using command line :terminal: , Raspberry Pi :raspberrypi: projects, playing with Nim, exploring new/alternative operating systems :freebsd: and working w/ audio :ac_music: and graphics :krita: for fun.
I practise playing several musical instruments, singing, acting, writing poetry and philosophy.
Feel free to contact me.

Hi everybody, my name is Tanner, I'm a student and Sci-fi/Fantasy enthusiast who also really likes Linux. I'm running Kubuntu right now, but I've been looking at Fedora and also thinking about going down the Arch rabbit hole lol so we'll see where I am in a few weeks. Anyway, nice to meet y'all!

[Wikilambda and Abstract Wikipedia](, a project for creating and sharing curated functions and implementations, and then using that to build abstract articles in Wikidata that can be translated to any language.


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