took in almost $88 million in revenue during the last quarter and posted net losses of more than $25 million.

That's a bit hard to fathom, hosting a based
product that loses that much money in the face of so much income, not to mention that part of that revenue comes from customers who self-host.

But now this...

Gitlab always smelled bad to me, and for those who fled to go there instead of hosting their own instances, well?

@tallship I often find niche ML libraries on github and gitlab that haven't been committed to for 3-4 years, these projects would simply be erased and no longer exist on gitlab and the value lost. Absolutely mad. I hope more people start using codeberg or source hut or hosting gitea at home

@tallship I support them. They never promised to be the Internet Archive for git repos. Though that IS something that is needed. If they don't want to build it, someone else should!

@tallship i almost applied for a job there back in 2016; feel like i dodged a bullet

Just created a @codeberg account. Ready to migrate my repo from GitHub.
As soon as this stupid CoViD-19 thing releases me...

@dysfun @tallship As I said, they could just make these repos read-only to encourage their users to self-host and take a fucking sip

@af @tallship if a decision can't completely destroy your company, is it even worth making?

@dysfun @tallship It won't destroy GitLab, actually they may see themselves as a serious GitHub concurrent and be trying to get rid of this "poor man's GitHub" image carried by a part of the FLOSS dev community – apparently they provide nice CI/CD features, but you know, I'm not a dev myself.

@af @tallship gitlab's CI is better, when it works. everything else is shitter and github's CI is somewhat more generous.


I seriously beg to differ. Github is just now implementing features that gitlab had for years e.g the file tree view in pull requests. Gitlab had a kanban board for a while before github added it, they also have a group level kanban board. You can create merge requests directly from issues, MRs can show code coverage when configured, badges too, and so much more.

In terms of features, github is far behind.
@af @tallship

@loveisgrief @af @tallship it may have *more* features, but are you seriously suggesting it's better? i don't recognise that at all.


Yes, I am. It's fine if you disagree, everyone is entitled to their opinion 🤷‍♂️

@af @tallship

@tallship I first got burnt by bitbucket as a GitHub alternative. Gitlab dot com anyways looked more like a demo instance than a real service, not to mention it's very slow. People using it for serious projects is a bit odd choice...

I'm quite happy with my gitea server. It's not free, but there's nobody trying to profit from it 👌

@tallship Without going into the details of that article, what do you think the 1,630 employees (January 2022, according to are working for?

As for every almost any other SaaS company, operating costs are dominated by salaries, not by hosting costs.

@tallship I'm not going to get mad at for restricting a free service, but this is just kinda stupid from a business perspective.

With this move, they are establishing themselves as an unreliable host, and these users will not convert to payed users, they will just migrate to GitHub or BitBucket.

@tallship I preferred using #Gitlab to host my projects over something like Github. However, those projects are pretty much dormant, so I guess they will be deleted in the future?

Maybe I should look into #Gitea or #Codeberg for future hosting?

@thealexstewart @tallship I thought everyone left Gitlab with the ICE contracts (I think it was that) a few years back?

@thealexstewart @tallship I thought it was both at one point but I confess I’ve lost track of which company does which shitty thing.

@thealexstewart hi Alex, perhaps you are interested to see this as there are many friends at Codeberg right now.


Use gitea, if you want to self-host, use codeberg, if you want someone else to host for you.
Or sourcehut, if you want to be a paying customer and like git-email.

The one discerning thing a big service like github or gitlab have going for them is project visibility. I am really interested, how things will be able to change, once federation gets finished in gitea, since I hope I'll be able to discover all the cool projects on the other gitea instances. 🙂

@daniel @tallship I'm really excited to see how federation works out with Gitea. It sounds awesome!

@tallship well, I don't have the time to host a gitea instance and figure out how to host a CI, then figure out how to back up and monitor my instance, and who am I going to contact when things go south in my self hosted instance? Some dependency doesn't work, my provider kills the VPS for maintenance and data is lost, what then?

Yeah, no thank you. I have Better things to do in my free time

@tallship when will we learn our lesson? Nothing is free in this world.
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