Static site people - has anyone tried Zola? What did you like or dislike about it?


> Static site people - has anyone tried Zola? What did you like or dislike about it?

I've used Zola since back when it was called Gutenberg, and am generally very happy with it.

Pros: very fast builds, good/powerful templating system, compile-time syntax highlighting (i.e., doesn't require client-side js), support for all the other standard features

Cons: not a huge ecosystem of pre-built themes if you don't want to build your own.

@codesections, is there support for comptime math equations as well? I'm looking for a JS-free alternative to transit my current site built in Sphinx, but I don't want to retire my old math blog posts.

/cc @tallblondeguy, @juliobiason, @josias

@tallblondeguy I use Zola for a long time already:

I like how easy it is to make post. It is also easy to tweak themes.

I guess the only "dislike" is the file in each directory, even if I can understand why they exist.

@tallblondeguy I use Zola. I really like it. It's fast and straightforward to use.

@tallblondeguy I prefer Hugo since I already use Go and I can re-use my knowledge of its templating language.

Ultimately IMO, once you get things set up you shouldn't spend too much time on your SSG; focus on writing content. The choice shouldn't matter too much.

I just wanted a single statically-linked binary (good for CI, just rsync a binary over) that built sites fast and could fetch JSON, and Hugo used a templating language I already knew. Zola fits that bill too. Its templating language is a bit less powerful but is easier to use if you aren't familiar with Go templates.

@tallblondeguy my blog is in Zola. I love it. It’s extremely fast. I ran some rough benchmarks showing generation for 1000+ posts still only takes a couple seconds. The terra template system I’m generally a fan of, it’s not the best but very adequate for a personal blog or documentation site.


I was lost at the data point of it taking almost 44 minutes to compile on a modern machine.

I would _so_ love a static site generator written in Python which was < 100k and only used the standard Python modules.

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