Always fascinated by the push and pull between centralized and distributed computing.

(I get the idea, but it's hard to see myself ever doing this)

I don't always see people talk about open source branding, so I wrote a big blog post about how we named @glitchtip and built out the brand.

Also relayed some of my experience regarding design and the legal system. I'm not a lawyer, but I think I have some wisdom to share.

Check it out:, now with robots!

@glitchtip collects your errors, organizes them, and alerts you about them. Now we have visual representations of these.

Thanks to Jim Starr for the illustration work!

Also, did not know was a thing. I like Bandcamp.

If Lindsey Stirling played hurdy-gurdy, you'd basically get this. Really great sound.

GlitchTip 1.6: Better support for environments, some Docker image optimizations, and some news on the self-hosted front.


Try GlitchTip:

Been jamming with Cypress for a couple of days now. When it works, it's really great.

Today is a "struggle to understand RxJS" day

If you use Sentry to track errors on your project, try @glitchtip!

Ideally, you just swap out your Sentry DSN for a GlitchTip DSN, and you'll be up and running. Would love to hear from people on Fosstodon if it works that way in the real world.

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Version 1.5 is out. We now show aggregated tag stats, and if you have multiple organizations you'll appreciated the updated home page.

There's some other stuff too. Check it out here:

Static site people - has anyone tried Zola? What did you like or dislike about it?

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@tallblondeguy 100% SEO. You need to cram as many keywords as possible, and listing ingredients and basic instructions just doesn't cut it

I used to ghostwrite similar articles at some point in the past, and the SEO guy would literally go: 'we need (x) word mentioned (y) times' and you have to improvise; the reader/end consumer wasn't even part of the equation

Lots of people on Birdsite or whatever we call Facebook here complain about how recipe sites are essays when they don't need to be. "I don't want to hear your life story, show me the recipe!"

Do we know why this happens? I suspect that SEO or advertising dictates this, in the same way that caused YouTube creators to push 10 minute videos. But I don't know for sure.

Would love to hear firsthand experience if you have it.

Fosstodon kinda goes to bed at midnight EST, doesn't it?

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The GlitchTip Helm Chart is now a generic #django plus celery #helm chart. Fork it as a starting point for your own Django Helm deployments. If anyone wants to contribute, I'll move it outside of the GlitchTip project as it's own thing.

Fosstodon / Mastodon lovers -

Is there any way to follow a local timeline from a Mastodon server other than to join that server?

This stuff tends to be vaporware, but I'm ever an optimist.

The people have good pedigrees, the product looks good, and they say they're going to support Linux.

Here's hoping!

Version 1.4 of @glitchtip is out! Some nice UI improvements in there. Also, some things for the self-hosted folks, including a Helm-related breaking change.

Read all about it:

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