Episode 6, where @Ezra and @linmob talk ARMv9, GTK4 and and community news. Also: "Do you want a ?" and community question (get yours in!)

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Full show notes: pine64.org/2021/04/10/006-pine

Sadly, due to an audio editing time , we're delayed this time. It's not as bad as the component/semiconductor shortage though: We have high hopes to publish "006: Pine for You" later today.

What was your favourite or related April fools pun this year?

Do you have an interesting "quote of the day" to share?

Hi again all! Thanks for the great feedback about the #PinePhoneChallenge idea!

Ok, so I'll be working up a hosting system that will be available for voting soon. Because of my lack of coding skills, I'll likely use something like #Piwigo because of the modular plugin system. I'll be certain to let everyone know when I have it setup and ready for use.

So next thing on the list: What are a few topics you'd be interested in seeing? Here's a couple I've been thinking about:

- My Favorite Drinking Vessel
- Something I find hilarious
- My face when <X>
- The thing I'm most thankful for
- The best view from my window
- Something that blew my mind
- My workspace
- The thing I need to replace most on my computer
- The gadget I love the most
- The one thing I cant live without
- My worst tech fail

What would you like to see? Accepting suggestions!

#PinePhone #Photography #pictures #justforfun @PINE64 @talkpine @linmob @LinuxLounge

Episode 5, where @Ezra and @linmob discuss a few aspects of the latest Community Update, PineCube progress, the component shortage and answer a few of your questions, is out!

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Full show notes pine64.org/2021/03/26/005-marc

Hey all! If I were to run a #PinePhone #Photography #Challenge or #Competition, would anyone be interested?

If there were enough interest, I'd even be willing to run it as a weekly challenge.

The rules would be simple:
* Photos must be of the subject described
* Photos must be taken on a PinePhone
* No editing is allowed (with the exception of rotation)
* One entry per person, per week

An example of a subject may be something like "Your Best Friend", which could be your pet dog, a selfie, your partners hand, or your best drinking buddy downing a cold glass of beer.

Or maybe "Minor annoyances", which could mean a misaligned kitchen tile, a parking ticket, or a hole in your sock.

Basically, I'd host a place to upload the pictures, and everyone could vote on them, with the winner either getting the recognition for the fun of it, or if I can find a way of doing it, a prize for coming out on top.

Any takers?

@linmob @PINE64 @talkpine

The general idea is to promote the #Pine64 PinePhone, and perhaps gain it a little more attention as a fun device. Also, bringing more attention to the #camera and #megapixels app, which I would like to see get a little love ☺️

Getting ready to play with (twisteros.com/twisterarmbian.h) on my @PINE64 . All for @talkpine 😉 The stuff you have to do, it's crazy. 🤣

BTW: Would there be interest in a "LINnotMOB" video channel for, you know, "LINux, not MOBile"?

Do you know you can limit this bandwidth waste by enabling the audio-only (0p) mode on PeerTube?

The @PINE64 March Community Update (pine64.org/2021/03/15/mar…) is quite packed. We can't opine on everything. So please tell us: Which parts matter to you? What should we go into detail on?

(Feel free to suggest other topics, too! 😀 )

Episode 4, where @linmob and @Ezra discuss industry and community news, your answers to their birdsite question and answer a few community questions, is out now!

Give it a listen at pine64.org/pinetalk/

Full show notes at

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Hosted by @Ezra and @linmob. Get us to discuss your question with !
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