We at association (diva.exchange, content now also in English) have created a more efficient & package. ❤️ to the contributors!

image available here:

To be precise: 30% lighter (now 52MB) and more performance through AES.

GPLv3 on :

We created a short video of the browsing experience and a view on the router console.

@tails - we're ready to maintain the i2p package.

>we're ready to maintain the i2p package.

😍 . Great!

As you may noticed, we're just about to migrate our issue tracker and git to gitlab.

So there will be some downtime and freezing. It should work properly latest in 2 days (hopefully). So in case you wanted to directly jump into work, it might be useful to wait some days, until the migration process is settled.



Feel invited to reach out to the devs with any questions you have in mind, by writing to tails-dev@boum.org
You can subscribe to this mailing list here: tails.boum.org/about/contact/i

@tails great - we'll look into it, beginning of June. Getting the GPLv3 diva i2pd package into tails is nice. 👍

@konrad @tails
I'd like to inform you about concerns that relate to i2p requiring an exception in Tails firewall.
Reasons for that concern you'll find here:

Gitlab is now open for registration. Just in case you wish to share some information that might be relevant in regards of this issue, that woud be a good place.
Thank you!

@syster @tails

We worked on for today and made it work on tails 4.7. Here is the documentation on : codeberg.org/diva.exchange/i2p

Boosting this toot to a max audience helps - since the issue above really needs as much feedback as possible 👍 😀

We also added a comment to the gitlab tails repo.

The solution works with our brand new i2p server on reseed.diva.exchange and also plays very nicely with . 🔥 🎉


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