Where's my Open smartphone ? The state of open source and Freedom-friendly smartphones is next up at the User Group talks on Tue 2nd July 2019

@taikedz Your open smartfone is any model running LineageOS and using apps from Fdroid. No Google!

@rudolf @taikedz Absence of Google is good, but is quite compatible with a non-free phone. Don't just stop at removing a few apps; demand the open phone.

@bignose @taikedz Looks like you don't want to understand. Lineagos is open!

@rudolf It's about more than Lineage (which by the way relies on proprietary blobs to make many devices work - so ...) (some installs rely on weird rooting kits of unknown provenance and Lineage builds from random Google Drive links)

It's also about the openness of the hardware platform, and the explicit ability to tinker. A good iFixit score is better than a bad one, but that's still not "open." Let's see some documentation please.

@rudolf Yes you can run Lineage on various Huawei, Samsung, LG, etc devices but they are not open. They'll happily tell you to f-off for defect reports and void the warranty if you change the OS. It just so happens there's a way to hack them to get Lineage on them.

There's also a lack of policy around preventing this kind of deliberate lock-in for the sake of planned obsolecense, amongst other concerns.

I did say, "open smartphone", not "open smartphone OS." Chasing the bigger picture ;-)

@taikedz Lovely! Will the video recording be posted?

@bignose We've not done any meetup recordings before, though we were mulling over ideas to start doing so last time. Some say a sub-par recording is better than none. I'd prefer not to release recordings at all if they are a chore to view... and I'd also like to be able to be consistent about releasing so... it's a topic we're exploring...

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