I usually solve problems by myself.
But recently, I have come to think that relying on others to solve problems is not a bad idea.
Because when a kind person helps me, I naturally want to help others who have the same problem.
Kind people make me a kind person.

@taiju Relying on others to solve problems is a dream come true. It happened for me recently and I was beyond grateful. But sometimes its hard to give up that control. That has been my issue in the past.

@hakimian45 I too was afraid of losing the opportunity to learn.
Maybe finding a good balance is crucial :)

@taiju Also a good point. I feel you. I like to work with my contractors live because I don't always know how to best communicate what I want to them. It's a real struggle. But live I can also learn the stuff they do not to copy but to get it more.

@hakimian45 That's good to know. The Agile Manifesto also talks about the importance of working with customers, and I think that is an important practice that creates real value.

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