@hund It's nice. I admire your eco-friendly and minimalist way of life. I still can't even use my computer ethically :/

@taiju I'm in no way perfect, but I do my best to improve and live life in a pragmatic and healthy way. :)

We all have to start somewhere. My desktop computer is not 100% libre approved. I still have an old Nvidia card, but I'm not going to replace it as long as it still work, but when I do, it will for sure be AMD which can be run using open source software only! :)

@hund By using Guix, I'm able to force myself to use free software. However, I have a feeling that one day I will have to add a channel for installing proprietary software. I must acquire the knowledge and skills to be able to reject it.
But I just can't refuse the desire to play games :')

I've also become a vegan, although it's only been a couple of months, in an effort to live an ethical lifestyle.

I have a lot to learn from you.

@taiju I can't possibly imagine what you have to learn by an old opinionated goof like me, but I'm non the less humbled by you thinking you have something to learn from me. :)

It sounds like you're a good guy that's doing more than most others already. I think you should be proud of who you are and acknowledge how far you have come in life!

@hund Thank you. I'm glad to hear it.
Shortly after I came to fosstodon, I received a reply from you. I read your blog and found out that there are people like you here that I should learn from.
Maybe it's a kind of "filial imprinting".
I'm a baby bird ;)

I will continue to do so.

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