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I have submitted my content. Please let me know if there are any errors in English.

This is a difficult question of reality versus ideals.
I believe that free software developers will make good use of UBI (Universal Basic Income).
Could we not live in a world where people are not paid in the form of employment by for-profit companies, but instead receive income guarantee from national and international organizations?
I would expect this more than the two ideas in the article.

This is exactly what Gunpei Yokoi calls "Lateral Thinking of Withered Technology" ("枯れた技術の水平思考").

It's like a modern configuration for old users. It's not too trendy, which I personally prefer.

I think the Free Software community tends to be relatively Radical Simplicity oriented.

I'd be happy to migrate to Sourcehut, I'm very sympathetic to Drew's philosophy.

I have three laptops on my desk: one loaned by the company, one by the project, and the last one is my personal laptop.
It's chaos.

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The FSF is announcing a funded call for white papers to address Copilot, copyright, machine learning, and free software. Submit yours by Monday, August 23:

The English version of the article was not read at all, but the Japanese version got quite a response.

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Like Emacs, I can try the configuration in repl.

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is awesome. I found out that I can fill out forms in Emacs. It has a high affinity with Emacs. Configurations can also be written in Common Lisp DSL.

I have submitted my content. Please let me know if there are any errors in English.

I believe that FLOSS has been a major factor in the transformation of general-purpose machines into products that surpass those of dedicated machines.

With Steam Deck, I may not have to have my personal PC function as a gaming PC.

After reading what other people have said, I regret that the above tweet was not very good.
The toot came from a desire to be what a free software advocate should be, and a determination to be what I am.
I regret that I wrote it in a way that seemed to force it on others.

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I am very sympathetic to the situation of being overwhelmed with raising children and not having enough time for myself.
However, advocating for free software is a commitment that includes that, and it cannot be used as an excuse.

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It was still early days, but I knew this was paradise. Hmm :blobcatfacepalm:

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