Since the tree-sitter and eglot branches have been created in the Emacs repository, I wonder if they will be included in the next release?
I've been using lsp-mode for LSP and haven't used tree-sitter, so I guess I should give it a try soon.

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I have recently started to validate my transition to Guix Home. Home Shepherd service is particularly interesting. There are still very few pre-defined services, so there is a lot to work out.

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I would like Guix to become so popular that everyone who likes Emacs knows about it, I thought so after watching David's presentation.

@roptat Your kind explanation was very good! I also could understand that your work is hard...

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I've just started watching a live stream of the celebration of 10 years event of Guix.

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The day has come! Ten Years of Guix -- September 16-18, 2022, Paris, France. Information about the program, how to participate via IRC, and how view the livestream are published at #GNU #GUIX #guix10years Cheers, @GuixHpc!

I use Syncthing for synching the org-directory of Emacs and Orgzly.

Syncthing has an F-Droid app and is provided as a service by Guix, so setup is easy.

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Good news! #Guix10Years talks will be recorded *and* live-streamed!

Many thanks to Nicolas Dandrimont of the Debian video team and to Leo Famulari of Guix for making this happen.

It may be a very stupid statement, but I was hard-headed and trial-and-error...

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I was trying to figure out how to connect Emacs to the guix shell environment, but I recently realized that I just need to run Emacs separately on top of the guix shell environment.
This allows you to use the environment temporarily created (or partially overwritten) by the guix shell as-is in Emacs.

The three-day RubyKaigi has just ended.
It was a very enjoyable event.

I would also like to attend Giux's birthday event the following week. I may be able to adjust my time on the second day.

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Not only does #Guix10Years have a great program, it also has great kakemonos designed by the awesome @luis_felipe.

Design available here 👉

(Photo courtesy of co-organizer Tanguy.)

I will be attending the RubyKaigi starting tomorrow.

I'm happy that Guix's .dir-locals.el improvements. It is also a learning experience for me.

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