Just reading the news about the acquisition of by today... curious what people in the FOSS community think of it? 🤔


@Vollmer It seems mildly confusing to me lol. Did Keybase ever even dabble in video conferencing?

@tadan0 Not that I'm aware of? I should note, I've looked at it before, but never used it much.

My current understanding is that Zoom is buying them for their crypto/security tech, but I don't fully understand what Keybase offers that you couldn't implement simply by adopting another technology (such as the Signal protocol). I was never under the impression that Keybase had any revolutionary developments in that arena?


@Vollmer The only thing i can think of is that Keybase is good at making stuff like keys easier for end users to understand and use, if that makes any sense. They certainly seem to know what they're doing more than Zoom ever did.

@tadan0 True... That was my best guess as well (and seems to match Keybase's blog post). It'll be interesting to see what happens w/Keybase in the long run: if they remain semi-independent while sharing their tech w/Zoom, or if they'll get fully rolled into Zoom and no longer exist as they currently do.

@Vollmer @tadan0 I don't see how involving Blockchain has anything to do with making sharing PGP/GPG keys easier. I also don't see what is wrong with using the existing keyservers for this. Keybase branched off of their original design quite significantly.

@tadan0 @Vollmer No. Keybase stores your information on a blockchain so it's permanent. All you can do is mark it as revoked, but it's there forever.

@WhoNeedszZz I'm surprised that I didn't realize that they were using Blockchain for that o.o

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