Has anyone here used Gandi for domains and email? I'm kind of thinking of using it since I figured that it'd be killing two birds with one stone, but haven't really heard anyone else say much about it.

Do you all think it's worth a couple dollars to host my own stuff (Git repos, maybe email) on a VPS? I'm kind of split.

Sometimes I wonder if my concern about things like online privacy is borderline paranoia.

Why does something like removing a domain and deleting my Namecheap account have to be such a headache? Gahhh.

I'd love to see more sites experiment with things like moderation being done by the users rather than dedicated moderators; I think that democratic moderation could work if it's done in a good enough way.

Currently trying to understand what this Noise Protocol Framework is all about...

Sometimes I wish more centralized pieces of the internet like DNS providers and certificate authorities weren't things that are essentially required nowadays, but at the same time they're essential for a reason I suppose.

I hate that I always imagine myself making new standards instead of contributing to existing ones, even if the barrier to contribution for said standards is something like joining a mailing list or submitting an issue on a repo. I can't tell if my ideas would stray off the path enough to even warrant going my own way at all...

Sometimes when I change the volume on Gnome it puts itself to max volume... now I know why over-amplification is usually disabled by default haha

It's really weird, I've mostly been formal or just quiet but now I'm sending messages on discord that are just covered in irony for no good reason lol. I can't tell if I like it or hate it.

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Why am I in such a tired yet shitposty mood right now

Did someone put something in my coffee while I wasn't looking

I always feel so dirty logging into my school Google account blegh

TIL that the HTML <template> and <output> tags exist. I can't believe it took me this long to discover them omg

One thing I love about federation is that it’s the sweet spot between centralized silos and individuals running their own sites- It lets those who are savvy enough run their own instances, but gives others the chance to be part of said instances.

I’m having one of those moments where I think of an outlandish idea and can’t fall asleep because I’m too busy thinking of all the ways it could be implemented or used. There go my plans of getting a good night’s sleep, heh

One of my favorite things about Mastodon's web client looking back is that it feels much, *much* more responsive and fast than Twitter's new frontend.

I desperately need to get my sleep schedule on track.

Reddit wasn't working right earlier today and now Discord's having problems sending messages. Yay, centralized services!

I’m really glad that I joined this instance, even if I still feel the need to filter myself a bit in the name of public image lol. Thank you all for being really cool people <3

Okay, y’know what? Screw it. I’m going back to Solus. No more distro hopping after this. I think.

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