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I would tend to agree with that. My personal reason why ortholinear feels better is for touch typing.

One day I basically decided to go all-in and learn Dvorak and touch typing on my new Ergodox EZ (ortho split keyboard). Right now I'm typing this on a regular staggered keyboard and I can tell you my left hand is having a hard time finding the right (!) keys on the bottom row.

Ortho is much easier to place your fingers by feel.

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@Naughtylus @arran @sotolf @hund Hey, I love typing games! I'll share this other I have been using these days: zty.pe/


Ooh nice, I got to wave 009!

But Zen Typing is actually a game I made


So any feedback is appreciated :)

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@Naughtylus @arran @sotolf @hund I got to 15 on Qwerty and 4 on Dvorak 😂

Cool to know, I will check it!

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