Just remembered a funny experience. Twitter banned me temporarily thinking I was a bot. I think it was because I had started to use qutebrowser, and I started using twitter on the browser because I had just lost my phone. So one day I lost my phone and the next I got banned from twitter. And I was living abroad. I have to say it was a relaxing week, until I acquired a new phone.

A match of 200 random moves made by my Go AI. It's a start!

Hey @sotolf I am checking out tapet, if you accept my suggestion some basic info on how to build / install it would be appreciated. Also the first line on the "Planned for the future" section of the README is incomplete.

Ok, deleting Tusky now for digital higiene, see you on the browser.

Thank you to everyone who suggested servers. I ended up registering on parloteo.es and trashserver.net. My main fear is that they are not stable, but in the end they are free-to-use servers. And it's not like I will be talking to anyone through XMPP in the foreseable future.

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This is why I prefer commandline applications.


TLDR; simplicity, automatability and aesthetics.

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Day 3 -

If you are not already using a password manager you should. Switching to a password manager is a paradigm shift. Instead of memorizing passwords you should manage them.

There are tons of great password managers out there (many are open source). I use (keepassxc.org). My database is stored locally and synced with . Set a strong master password (xkcd.com/936) and make sure none of your passwords are reused.

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A tip for newcomers: if you want to follow someone but don't want to see their "retweets" (called "boosts" here), you can tap "hide boosts" from the three dot button on their profile.

Welcome to fosstodon, @Lamasumas ! Hope you find interesting people and conversations here.

How is it that Signal is not in F-Droid?

Pros of keeping whatsapp:
- In contact with people

- Run by Facebook
- Closed
- Filling my 16 GB of space

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Let me introduce:
A simple dmenu script that allows you to translate to your hearts contempt

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I'm not sure if anyone else did this before so I just went ahead and did it: I've curated a list of alternative frontends to popular websites, like , , , , etc.


I'm also including a "browserless alternative" whenever possible (i.e. youtube-dl for YouTube, etc)

Do you know any other besides the ones listed?

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It should do it hourly but the cronjob seems to randomly work, probably my Raspberry is dying.

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Wanted to know how difficult it would be to make a mastodon bot so made one some days ago. It is @mtgFlavors and it toots random flavor texts from Magic: the Gathering cards.

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