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Grateful client sent us a box full of craft with our branding and a message on the bottle that says "thank you for saving our kubernetes cluster" 😂

Perfect friday refreshment. Cheers! 🍻

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In case you missed it, 8.1 has been released.

Among other things, this release comes with performance improvements. Most noticeable in Symphony demo app benchmarks. 23% faster compared to PHP 8.0 😮

For all those who'd like to dip their toes in unit testing waters, we wrote a short intro for absolute beginners 🤓

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We have been silent for too long. Apologies for that.

FOSDEM 2022 will happen on the weekend of 2022-02-05 & 2022-02-06.

We have been trying to plan since August, but finding consensus on what we can do is taking more time than anticipated.

Sorry, and please bear with us.

In case you didn't notice (and that's a good thing 😉 ), Let's Encrypt DST Root CA X3 root certificate expired today.

If you started to see SSL certificate warnings on sites that are using LE SSL certificates, you might want to update your system or import ISRG Root X1 (that's cross-signed DST Root CA X3) to your trusted certificates store.

You can find this root certificate at

Hey fellow ! What are you doing this weekend?

Our team is having a well deserved party. We've had a busy summer and we're expecting even busier end of the year. This weekend, it's time to relax.

is 30 years old! 🎉
...and the story began when Linus Torvalds made this historical announcement

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The Debian cloud team provides images for Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and plain VM, and will update the images until the end of the LTS period for bullseye. New images are typically released for each point release and after security fixes for critical packages. Detailed info in #NewInDebianBullseye #ReleasingDebianBullseye

Latest update for open source edition fixes 26 flaws. 20 of them are rated critical.
Make sure you patch your sites as soon as possible.

HAProxyConf 2021 is happening this November 16-17 is virtual edition.

Registrations are fee and already open 😉

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