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This week on the Weekly News Roundup, we see some privacy leaking into government, Business news updates and a conclusion to the Epic Lootbox case. We also look at security and silly news.

9:00p EST

Today we will talk about the beginnings of SwitchedtoLinux as we celebrate 50,000.
7:00p EST

Today we look at MX Linux KDE vs NetRunner on our edition of DistroWars.


Advice to Young People about Tech: Social Media Tips.
This was part of a longer stream.

LastPass is making some changes, and their privacy policy raises a few flags. Let's have a look at some alternatives.

This week in the Weekly News Roundup, we look at some questions about Signal, Maleware has hit the new ARM Mac, and Facebook drops the bomb on Autralia's News. We also see some Microsoft updates and more news stories from the week.

9:00p EST

Today we will give advice for young people about moving into the world in a Tech and Internet age.

7:00p EST

This is a highlights reel from the Privacy Panel I attended with Techlore, Nixie Pixel, Privacy Tools, and Sean O'Brien.

This week in the Weekly News Roundup we look at the TSA being able to search phones without a warrant. Also, some new smart tech looks too good to be true, and there is a lot of security holes to look at. Finally, a new bill would allow big tech to create local governments and a lawyer gets stuck on a kitten filter.

9:00p EST

Can Tim Berners-Lee create a new web that will be used by big websites and protect our data? Today we will look at an article from The Conversation about this proposal.
7:00p EST

Today we take anonymity to the web with two live-enabled distros: and

3:00p EST

This week in Weekly News Roundup, we look at a Ford-Google partnership, Bezos stepping down from Amazon CEO position, and a college professor who teaches from the dead.

9:00p EST

Today we will talk about having a good backup plan to keep your data safe. We will talk about online and offline solutions.

7:00p EST

Today we are reviewing StormOS, an based distro that works easily out of the box.

4:00p EST

Today was finally able to get a program to work through Wine. This is an application for and , but now I have it on Linux!

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