This video discusses a new take on an old Amazon review scam. This is a story that happened to a friend of mine, so we will discuss what happened, what were the signs, and what to do about it.

2:00p EST

Today we bring some information on Google's new FLoC method of tracking people without Cookies.

This week in the Weekly News Roundup, we will look at the Facebook leak and also see the supreme court case conclusion to the decade-long Google-Oracle lawsuit.

9:00p EST

We received a community guidelines strike for reporting data from the CDC! Have a look at the data yourself on the VAERS

This week in the Weekly News Roundup we will look at a series of privacy news items including the coming vaccine passports. In business, we ask whether Amazon is responsible for faulty products they sell. We also have some smart, security, and silly news.

9:00p EST

Join us as we talk April Fools Day Jokes from tech companies.
7:00p EST

This week in the Weekly News Roundup, we see that Tesla data collection keeps it off Chinese military bases. Microsoft exchange servers are being kicked while they are down, and MS is in talks to buy Discord. We also cover some security and silly news.

9:00p EST

Today we will talk about hardware advances and Linux on our supporters stream.
7:00p EST

Today we will talk about custom phone ROMs and whether they are viable for regular use.

3:30p EST

Today I look at Firefox Proton theme for the first time. Are you ready for the new Firefox?

This week in the Weekly News Roundup looks at a company seeking to sell your car's location data to the military, several security breaches, and Amazon creating a game out of their factory work. We also look at some SillyVille.

9:00p EST

Today we will return to DistroWars with a comparison of Solus and Zorin.

4:00p EST

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