In case you missed it, I added another NextCloud Tutorial. This is how to sync contacts and calendars on Android!

No live stream today. Have a wonderful Easter break all! I will push our videos of Installing Fedora and the Business News section in the next two days, but I will not be at the computer for much else!

Tonight at 9:00p EST we will talk about the Weekly News Roundup! Facebook stealing mailing lists, Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities, and more!

Even the big boys mess up sometimes.

Google has let their gpg key for their debian/ubuntu repository expire.

The MX tools "MX Fix GPG Keys" will tell you how to fix, but we have to wait for Google to actually supply the new keys!

There is a new AI in town and it is CREEPY!!!  Learn more on tonight's Weekly News Roundup! 9:00p EST

Is the EU trying to rewrite history as they send over 550 takedown requests to the Internet Archive? We will have a panel discussion on this topic tonight! 7:00p EST

Tutorial on syncing NextCloud Contacts and Calendars with Linux via Evolution:

12:30 p EST today - We will talk about Amazon's Review Problem! Join us for a live discussion!

What is Facebook up to now? Learn during tonight's Weekly News Roundup at 9:00p EST

Sorry folks...this account has been incognito a bit...had to take care of some family issues. Back again.

Adrian / MX Linux:

A bunch of MX apps have been updated with new translations.

Installer got a nice advanced setting for encryption. Getting ready for the dot release.

We are pleased to announce is sponsoring this year's @opensuse Conference! Thank you for supporting open-source developers -

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