Tonight on Weekly News Roundup, An Unblockable Email Tracker? And Drig Price Inflation is Out of Control!
9:00p EST

FlowScape 1.3 released.

In FlowScape you can create your own tiny nature scene simply by painting.

Choose from more than 20 landscapes and 60 models to create your own private paradise by changing the sky, rotating the sun, adding sound effects and adjust your camera settings for that perfect photo.

Can it be used as the basis of a video game? The developer says it is a long term goal!

#FlowScape #PixelForest #3dpainting #digitalpainting #Itch #Linux

Does anyone know how to contact

The site got hacked (now occasionally serves spam links, and does who knows what else), and their contact form was taken down.

(I hate to start a boost chain, but this is somewhat important. )

Hey look more xfce goodness coming down the pike.

MX Linux utilises Xfce desktop environment and good news related are coming in.

Xfce developer Simon Steinbeiss: as scheduled we released Xfce 4.14pre2 yesterday!

Today we look at Budgeting in GnuCash. Make sure you know how to add vendors and bills.

Whonix 15 is out! This is a great VM-based tor-enabled distro for online privacy:

Today we look at Salient OS and also how to fix the problem of not being able to install software.

This is soo important to talk about! Also, for the WordPress users, the updated Contact Form 7 only supports this version now and it completely sucks! reCaptcha 3 is BAD NEWS!

Tonight we will tackle Google's New Smart city plan and Methodist Hospital lacking scruples!

9:00p EST

Today we will talk about digital services and privacy with a focus on HIPPA and FERPA

If you think my first video had objectionable content, you DID NOT EVEN WATCH IT!

I cover FOSS software and software alternatives. Before telling someone to leave a platform, please watch the video the user linked, and respond to the content.

Here is my response.

Apparently a user was blocked from for LINKING to my video about browser!

I show the info and give my response here:

Live at 6:00p EST we will talk about Zorin privacy items that I talked about in the last video with some feedback from the Zorin team.  Also, a user claims to be BLOCKED from mastodon by linking my video on Dissenter. I will talk about what I know.

Today we go into more detail on invoices in GnuCash, specifically how to create nice printed invoices and save reports so you do not need to keep altering the settings every time you want to send an invoice.

Today we will have a live chat and cover some weird news. Use the contact form on the website to get the link to join in.

12:30p EST

Tonight on Weekly News Roundup: Surveillance as a Service?

This and more at 9:00p EST

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