@switchedtolinux The content looks great, but I think the motherboard background makes it look a little bit too busy. Maybe a single color or a gradient bg would make each content item stand out more. Just my opinion. Keep up the good work, Tom.

@switchedtolinux the motherboard background looks dated and meh. Also..Mastodon icon is not there!

@sproid I left off Mastodon because it is horribly difficult to determine where you are (which server) without extra info. I will be posting that on the website and anywhere else I am.

If I am wrong about the Mastodon info please let me know. I am having a hard time with this as I am not all that versed in social media.

@switchedtolinux the thing with mastodon is federation there is really not much concern in identifying who is on which server/instance as the search is all connected. You just link your profile link or show your username and people find you.

@switchedtolinux I agree with @sproid but I do like to add that if you want other Mastodon users being able to find your toot (post) it helps to use hashtags for keywords.


@switchedtolinux Looks good! I just made a mastodon account, it's pretty nice...

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