Today we look at Handbrake for adjusting video files and formats and other functions.

Today we talk about why privacy is important from real world examples.

This week in the Weekly News Roundup, the IRS teams up with a Biometric Data company, a Tesla driver faces felony driver over Auto Pilot, and Linux has a new backdoor that also affects Windows and Mac.

9:00p EST

Today we will talk about backup strategies on our live stream.
7:00p EST

This week in the Weekly News Roundup, Apple releases a new relay service that resembles Tor, WordPress sites have a new threat model, and California rethinks Tesla Self-Driving capabilities. We also see several Silly articles.

9:00p EST

Today we will talk about moving offline instead of relying heavily on SAAS applications.
7:00 p EST

This week in the Weekly News Roundup, Google makes Chrome less private, there are new subscriptions for you to consider, and several smart products are hitting the market. Also, a university in Japan gets a lesson in backups, and we find some strange and silly news this week.

9:00p EST

Today we will talk about the projects we are excited to see in 2022.
7:00p EST

Today we talk about using Layer Masks in GIMP for a variety of editing functions.

Today we take an introductory look at Gnome Boxes for Linux Virtualization.

This week in the Weekly News Roundup, data collection sensors are being placed everywhere to train AI, Lastpass has a controversy this week, and Microsoft Edge does another stupid thing to irritate their user base. We also see how Alexa tried to injure a minor.

9:00p EST

Greetings all. I am STILL ALIVE! I got stuck waiting for a package in the land that Internet Forgot. I received my package and will be heading back to the DESERT where I actually get Internet. Tomorrow (Friday) we resume LIVE Weekly News Roundup at the usual time. See you all then!

Today we will run the news early at 6:00p EST, and it will be premiered because I do not have good enough internet to stream today.

This week in the Weekly News Roundup, is Apple hiding CSAM? They removed all references to the program but have said they have not changed their plans. Also, Microsoft is working with iFixit to create a repairable Surface device. Also we look at the Log4Shell bug and look at silly articles.

9:00p EST

Today we will talk about the year, and the direction forward on our last supporters stream of the year.
7:00p EST

Today we install Plasma on Linux Mint. It is easier than it used to be.

Despite my best intentions of releasing a video for today, VirtualBox is giving me too many problems and the cloud cover suggests that I need to turn off the processing computer for a while. Hopefully I will get everything resolved for tomorrow, and the weather is calling for mostly sunny. See you all tomorrow.

Today in the Weekly News Roundup, Google gives us another reason to have right to repair and Tesla does what I predicted a few years back: They enable video game playing while the car is in motion. We also look at some smart tech, security, and the silly tech related news of the week.

9:00p EST

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