Weekly News Roundup today looks at Privacy, Business, and Evil Tech news! It will be a great show! 9:00p EST

Today on my channel @OurWalkinChrist I released a video about The Joker from a Christian perspective:

Head on over and have a look if you are curious about such things.

Today we will chat with Sean O'Brien on encryption, security, and other related topics.
12:30p EST


Destination #Linux 141 - CentOS Stream, Fedora, Endeavour OS, Oracle Pi Cluster, GNOME Lawsuit

#CentOS Stream
#Fedora 31 Better Multimedia Codec Support
#Endeavour OS Release
#Oracle Builds Super Computer with Pi
#Shotwell In Patent Troll Legal Trouble
#Xbox/#Windows Clarifies Exclusivity Stance

Software Spotlight and Tips & Tricks

destinationlinux.org/episode-1 #linux #podcasts #mozilla

Tonight on the Weekly News Roundup we will be looking at how a engineer abused his access!
9:00p EST

We have now a PeerTube account, maintained by @bjoern. For now we will concentrate on conference videos. conf.tube/accounts/nextcloud/ #PeerTube #Nextcloud

Tonight's supporter stream will look at how hospitals are being crippled by ransomware and why our over dependence on technology is a bad thing.
7:00p EST

Today we will look at Ubuntu 19.10 beta and talk about the good things it brings to the table and some bad.
12:30p EST


Destination #Linux 140

#Linux Kernel 5.3 Released
#Oracle Autonomous Linux
Stallman Resigns
#AMD Epyc Processors Break World Records
#Microsoft Employee Reaches Out
The Great Geometric Multiverse Tour

Software Spotlight and Tips & Tricks
#linux #podcasts #mozilla

Should we have the right to be forgotten? We will discuss this with a panel at 7:00p EST

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