No live stream on STL tonight, but we WILL have a live stream on my other channel.  We will talk about online communities and churches at 9:00 EST:
There will be a STL video posted at 5:00 on Tails

Tonight 6:00 EST livestream on the EU directive that could KILL CUSTOM ROMS!  And we will look at the latest Tails release.  Both topics will be released as separate videos.  You can watch live tonight:

Making the Most of Mate!  How to configure your Mate Linux desktop to your liking!

We will look at HexagonOS it a great new distro or JAUS (Just another Ubuntu Spin?)

Live 12:30 EST

Privacy in public is getting crazier! This week in the news, a lot is being said about facial recognition from IBM using flickr photos to train AI without consent to a new law in the US to hopefully tighten facial recognition...but that did not stop China from linking FACIAL SCANS TO CREDIT CARD!!! Wow!!! What a time to be alive!

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Tonight at 7:00 EST back with a Supporter Stream! What can we learn about the 737-Max grounding and automation? This is a public show for channel backers. You can support the channel at or

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No video today (Wednesday), but we will be back with the Supporters Stream on Thursday!
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Greetings and welcome to the Mastodon account for SwitchedToLinux. I will put channel updates here and on my other social accounts so you guys have more ways to get notified of live streams and videos.

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