Wow, this isn't hyperbolic or anything. Sheesh. Sad to see Antergos go, but it's not exactly OpenSourcageddon.

"Yet another Linux distribution shuts down, and the Open Source community should be worried"

Tonight we will talk about how our reliance on external services leads to a loss of personal data. 7:00p EST

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Live at 6:30p EST we will do a tutorial on installing Linux to a USB drive and also talk a bit about Antergos.

What is the difference between a livekey and installing Linux on a USB drive? Learn about it here:

Two topics for our Saturday afternoon stream: First, we will look at the new Peppermint 10 release, what has changed. Second, we will look at an articles questioning why we do not upgrade cell phones as much.

Want to join our great translators to help?

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for the info!

Why am I still running Linux Mint after testing all of the other distros I have used?  Here is my reason.

Live show at 6:00p EST - Adobe Messes with subscription services more and Document formatting with LibreWriter beginning tips.

Tonight we will be holding a Weekly News Roundup: Was Your Face Sold to the Military? 9:00p EST

LibreOffice 6.3 is being developed by our worldwide community! Join our Bug Hunting Session on May 13 to fix issues in the first Alpha release, and make the final version rock-solid:

Panel Discussion: Should we ban Lootboxes for Minors? Listen in tonight at 7:00p EST; Patrons and TLM supporters are welcome to jump on the call!

Today's Top Five we talk about five ways to install applications on Linux.  Have a look:

🔋 New major feature: When Tor is running as a client, and it is unused for a long time, it can now enter a "dormant" state. When Tor is dormant, it avoids network and CPU activity until it is re-awoken either by a user request or by a controller command.

I love seeing this. I would like to see Mycroft or projects like it being used for more commercial applications.

"Chatterbox is a DIY Kids Smart Speaker that Features Open-Source and Private Voice Assistant, Mycroft"

Tonight's Weekly News Roundup we will look at Apple's attempt to block the California Right to Repair bill!  This and more news at 9:00p EST

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