Today we will look at and as our primary news articles with a lot of other fun business and privacy news!
9:00p EST

Thanks to everybody for great testing and feedback!

We've just begun building Beta 2 and are making great use of the comments and suggestions.

Weekly News Roundup: Facebook Leaks Millions of Phone Numbers and Tesla autopilot makes people lazy on the road.
9:00p EST

Tonight we will talk about the YouTube, FTC fine for COPPA violations as a supporter-attended event.
7:00p EST

Today we will look at MXLinux, what it is, and why you might want to use it.
6:15p EST

Jack provided a phone number and his twitter was hacked...that is why you never attach a phone number to an account!

Today I got promoted to IT manager position after my proposal got approved by the management to use multiple open source solutions and replace propriety products the company is using.

Tests went well and they were happy with the services. I will be handling the migration and training for the coming months.

To thank the wonderful open source community I will be donating a part of my pay for the coming 3 months.

❤️ :opensource:

Today on Weekly News Roundup!
Palantir Misplaced Concerns? and...SCOOTERNADO!
9:00p EST

Today we will ask if YouTubers shoudl unionize. What are your thoughts?
7:00p EST

Today we are revamping the Linux Desktop Environment videos to get a higher quality introduction video.

Today I answer with a question about diversity of income as a tech worker.

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