Genuine question...

Why are people deleting their Keybase accounts?

I assume it’s a result of the sale to Zoom, but I don’t understand it. Yeah, Zoom have had some privacy and security issues, but I think that’s more indicative of their huge rise in popularity, rather than them being a bad company. From what I’ve seen, they’re taking the issues seriously and trying to fix them.

Am I missing something?

@kev actually, straight away I was thinking to delete my keybase account. then I said: "wait, if zoom starts to integrate keybase, means that they will provide an end-to-end encrypted communication. and probably, with the keybase team experience, they will do it properly". and I said to myself "wait fabio, you still don't know what the future will be".


@jolek78 If you need e2ee, why not use matrix/riot?

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