@jameskupke yeah I tried Vivaldi; in the end I was basically off the opinion that it just run chrome if I had to use that engine. Been using Firefox ever since.

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This is interesting to me: I've been using Librewolf pretty consistently for about 2 weeks on my mac. Prior to that, I used Vivaldi for 1-2 months. Cleaning out old caches, Vivaldi had neared 1 GB in that time. Librewolf? 20mb.

@wholesomedonut yeah it is lol.

The peeps playing on the Open Perpetuum Project server are good folks for the most part, which is why I frequent it still.

@wholesomedonut (it's a decade old game after all) so the game is pretty sparse for players in my timezone. So unless a few certain people happen to be on, I really just can't be bothered.

I actually watched a psychologist talking about how gaming over time doesn't give the same pleasure due to how your brain changes or something. Anyway, it made sense.

I guess I'll take it that I am changing as a person; I'll assume that means I am growing.

Good write up :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

@wholesomedonut wow.

That is.... pretty much where I sit with gaming.

I want to enjoy it, but it's rare that I do because I have so many time constraints and pressure to do other things IRL and when I make time to game, I end up feeling guilty. The guilt is all from me, but the pleasure I derive from gaming these days doesn't seem to outweigh that.

I now jump in Perpetuum when I have time, there's some good peeps I've met there, but we're all older and busier


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I don't crosspost a lot of my gemini stuff nowadays.

But this time I figure people who are into , and might enjoy a little rant about my time playing video games and my experience leaving the hobby so far, and why I did it.

For anyone that's listened or remembered, this has been an ongoing to-do of mine for about a year or so.


or for web viewers: portal.mozz.us/gemini/soviet.c

@carl true, there is that distinction. The fantasy element mentioned above just made me think of that is all.

@carl oops, sorry: the movie Bright imdb.com/title/tt5519340/
Orcs and ELves and Humans, set in current-ish day. I loved it for a variety of reasons, but race is a major undercurrent through the whole thing.


@00dani I quite liked Bright as an interesting take on that. I'm picking most people didn't realise the relation to IRL.

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Anyone on here have experience with #Lychee photo gallery site? Thinking about self hosting a #photography website on Linode and starting the move away from FB galleries.

@New001 @thorn I don’t understand why I’d run a certain distro then run a different package manager and repo to get newer things… like why not just use normal Arch and have less headache and still have access to the newer things.

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Story of Truecrypt

If you remember last decade, you probably remember an enigmatic disk encryption utility Truecrypt. Some strange design choices, an eventual Linux port, a wealth of unheard of features and rather paranoid design features, as well as an unusual license that didn't play nice with Free software norms.

Its developers remained pseudonymous, something not so unusual back then, and didn't interact much except developing Truecrypt.

And then one day the music stopped. A warning noting that the program had flaws, to updated to the latest decrypt only, and migrate data was given that immediately threw off red flags. It was a very obvious sign to do something else with data.

Truecrypt was survived by its volume container format TCRYPT. The program was forked into a few other viable projects including the even more paranoid Veracrypt. Entirely Free software implementations such as tcplay sprung up for operating TCRYPT partitions.

Eventually, after many years, cryptsetup, the mainstream linux encrypted volume support added support for TCRYPT volumes. Truecrypt might be dead and buried, but its container format, with all its features live on.

So why was Truecrypt? As we later came to know, the creator of Truecrypt was unmasked as a mid-level drug trafficker. No better inspiration for writing decent security as if your data is actually at risk. Did the hidden volume actually work? We don't know. But we do know he flipped states witness.

We also know after he flipped, as soon as he was released from prison, he updated Truecrypt telling everyone to abandon the project. He might have given up drug dealers, but he didn't sell out the FOSS community.(also now, cannabis is legal)

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I've always found it nearly impossible to code while hearing people talk. Something about the speech-recognition and code-generation responsible parts of my brain grinding against each other. This site got me through three big revisions of the CMS I built for the newspaper I worked for!


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What's up with the state of NFS sharing on Linux desktops? I setup an NFS export on a local server and verified that I can mount it locally with `sudo mount -t nfs ...`

But when I open the Gnome Files application and try to add a Network location with `nfs://` it will either say "Mount doesn't exist" or "No permissions".

Any suggestions for local filesharing management? Should I use SMB? I just want my laptop to automatically mount a network share on login so I can play some music. :)

@New001 @thorn nope software is too out of date. And I’m not interested in using snaps. Have done in the past and they’re just weird.

@thorn 2/2

Thinking about KDE actually as I can make that pretty enough. I’ve installed other DE on my Manjaro install but have grown away from the Manjaro theming. I’m also going to change to another m.2 so figure a fresh install might be the way to go anyway so I may as well change now.

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