Must be time to change Distro again. Maybe I’ll just go :void: again. But this time I use a DE instead of custom i3, don’t have time for that these days.

@swansinflight Which distro requires spending less time for full customization than just changing the WM/DE?

@thorn I’m currently using Manjaro i3 spin. Which is great, but I’m finding the tiling annoying on my 21:9 widescreen and prefer floating in this use case. Also the delayed updates vs Arch I find annoying. I know Void is more stable than arch because it’s rolled out slightly slower also, but I like the snappiness of the distro. It’s either Void or Arch. Not interested in Artix, I’d rather run vanilla Arch or something else actually designed to run without as systemd.

@thorn 2/2

Thinking about KDE actually as I can make that pretty enough. I’ve installed other DE on my Manjaro install but have grown away from the Manjaro theming. I’m also going to change to another m.2 so figure a fresh install might be the way to go anyway so I may as well change now.

Debian or Ubuntu in my opinion. Keep in mind that to switch DEs in many cases you have to reinstall since those mammoths left so much waste behind that other DEs won't work correctly after that. This doesn't really happen with WMs.

@New001 @thorn nope software is too out of date. And I’m not interested in using snaps. Have done in the past and they’re just weird.

@swansinflight @thorn
Snaps simply suck but Flatpacks and Appimages aren't so bad. If you want to get more up-to-date packages on those distros you can always use the backports repository, an Arch Linux proot, a secondary user package manager like Nix or Guix or just simply use Debian Sid. There is a decent distro called Siduction if you want to try that.

@New001 @thorn I don’t understand why I’d run a certain distro then run a different package manager and repo to get newer things… like why not just use normal Arch and have less headache and still have access to the newer things.

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