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So RedHat is contributing to kernel, libreoffice, pipewire, wayland, and today I got to know it's the only company funding work on libinput:

What the heck is Canonical and others are doing?

@koreymoffett @edgren I keep seeing these research articles popping up every now and then telling me dark mode is not really great for human eyes, in fact, quite opposite.
Also, recently I started staying up late and I want to change that. Light mode will force me to do so :)

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Update #1 on switch to light mode:

I'm liking it even more. Mastodon light theme looks nice. GitHub also. Emacs nord-light theme is pretty too, but I will probably change it.

@surendrajat Another good thing about tiling window managers is people learn to stop asking to borrow your computer very quickly... ๐Ÿคฃ

Contrary to popular(my) belief, you can find some nice people in Federated timeline as well.

I just avoid it because of too much politics and NSFW art going on here. Gives kinda vibes.

My distrohopping story (since 2015):

@opensuse -> @ubuntu 18.04 (gnome ) -> @debian 9 (gnome) -> @elementary 5 -> Garuda (sway ) -> fedora 34 (sway)

What's yours?

Okay after being a dark mode fanatic, I've decided to go completely light. You know what it means? Another round of ricing my sway and waybar setup.
I'm liking it though. Light color themes are pleasant to look at. let's see how long can I do that.

Finally a good freaking reason for you to pay for WinRAR :)
And surprise surprise... it's nothing new if you are using Windoze.

Very accurate. Though I've not experienced this misery in a long while.

Anyway, here's the source for the weather widget/module for Waybar I created recently. You can probably use it with other bars too.

Thanks fosstodon for reminding me that there was an apple events as I had no idea that it occured lol.

Okay so I suddenly wanted a weather widget in my . Here are two versions. Which one do you think is better? I have spent more hours on it than I should have :D

Received two spam calls at the same time so I put them on conference ๐Ÿคฃ

I'm almost done migrating my notes from notion to OrgMode. My thoughts so far:

1. Org mode is freaking awesome. All the features I ever wanted. Why didn't I try it before? Why did I always preferred Markdown?

2. Support for any editor other than emacs is kinda, sorta, meh. Specially android I'm already hopeless for editing my notes. Now I know why I didn't try it before.

So if anyone knows some decent orgmode editor for Android, let me know.

Last night I decided to move all my notes from notion over to emacs Org-Mode.
Not sure if I can pull this off but it's fun.

I have watched Linus introducing git a few times, and it's so easy to see why git does what it does from one video. Really shows you the background it originated from and the things I take for granted because smarter people making controversial but good decisions early on.

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