"X Free Software project is great but I really dislike the person who made it, so I'll complain that there aren't good alternative instead"

Just use the software. You don't have to chat with the developer every time you use the software. Want a change in the software, but don't know how to code, and don't want to talk to the maintainer? Ask around for help making a patch.

It's very immature to avoid Free Software for non-technical reasons. Use what gets the job done. The great value of Free Software is that the maintainer holds no power over you. Take advantage of that.

1. microsoft loves Linux
2. I'll create an android app soon

@twann I want it rooted right away but I can't unlock bootloader for this model. Oppo sucks.

Steam Deck seems pretty interesting. I feel like I may buy my first gaming console someday soon.

Tired of installing debloated copy of Windoze, installing freaking wifi drivers using USB hotspot and setting up antivirus, so it doesn't detect KMS as virus and truckload of other bullshit, I finally installed Linux Mint on few of the relatives' laptops as they only needed a file manager, browser and office.
After months, 2 out of 3 guys are actually happy with it. Third one just doesn't use laptop as much. Less work for me. :)

@x reminds me how Linux foundation people use Mac for presentations etc.

.@Windows 11: "Simple by default. Powerful by choice."
Huh. That sounds kinda familiar, doesn't it?
KDE: "Simple by default. Powerful when needed."
A motto @kdecommunity has had for at least ... 7 years?

Shame on you @microsoft.

@jrballesteros05 well. LibreWolf is very privacy focused so it's understandable. I use vanilla Firefox.
The thing about Skype is that it does not even start on Firefox so.. no choice.

@jrballesteros05 I do use web version of Skype but it only works on chromium based browsers and screen sharing doesnt work on them sometimes. It very unreliable and causes embarrassment which is why I wanted to switch back to i3.
Thankfully zoom in Firefox works very well and I can use that instead.

Okay change of plans. Fsck Skype. I'll keep Sway.
Screen sharing will work sooner or later. Till then I'll try to fix the touchpad gestures issue.

Man, I'm really enjoying this Garuda Sway edition and don't want to go back to i3 :(

@xpil I'm also trying to change that for 2 months. It's going well.


@arghyadeep True. Here it's an startup with little organization and availability issues due to timezones.

@wil looks good. Do you have it in some repo? I can request few apps.

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