@stormjim lol yeah.. the user-space stuff is still closed and the kernel part isn't upstream yet.

@ParmuTownley now I'm wondering what will happen to the VPN services claiming no-logs policy. Maybe they'll be all blocked. Truly sad.

PipeWire: Bluetooth® support status update - Bluetooth® A2DP audio has now been qualified on the #SteamDeck using PipeWire & WirePlumber. Here's a look at where things stand, and what comes next: col.la/pwbtq #PipeWire #WirePlumber #OpenSource @ondeck

@sindastra There are only 2 problems in computer science:
2. Race Conditions
1. Cache Invalidation
3. Off-By-One Errors

@hq1 yeah, that cost is there. I buy hardware when absolutely necessary, so I don't mind tinkering once in a while.

@hq1 why not just install lineageos on current device?

@aito I use OmegaLauncher and it's close to Nova in features. If you try out, make sure it's v0.8.1 and not the recent v0.9.x alpha.

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