I'm almost done migrating my notes from notion to OrgMode. My thoughts so far:

1. Org mode is freaking awesome. All the features I ever wanted. Why didn't I try it before? Why did I always preferred Markdown?

2. Support for any editor other than emacs is kinda, sorta, meh. Specially android I'm already hopeless for editing my notes. Now I know why I didn't try it before.

So if anyone knows some decent orgmode editor for Android, let me know.

@surendrajat I have tried to get into org-mode so many times, but I never managed to get into it, I've been ending up using just vimwiki, which is basically just a personal wiki :)

@sotolf Me too! Maybe we're just too too accustomed to vim+markdown instead of emacs+orgmode.
As for @surendrajat , I've heard good things about Orgzly, though I haven't tried it myself.

yeah, even using evil-mode I just don't really write enough notes to make org work better for me than some interlinked text-files.

I did use it for work timing once, to time how much time I spent on different tasks, and mark them, kind of like a personal ticket system, and for that it worked really quite well, but it's not something that I really need anymore :)

@huy_ngo thanks for Orgzly. Seems like it'll work for me for now. :)

@huy_ngo @sotolf @surendrajat
+1 for Orgzly. I've been using it for a while, but mostly for reading, less writing at the moment. Has a bunch of features.
I'm using a "local repository" that Syncthing is keeping up to date with the Org files on my laptop.

@floppy UI is slick, though. I will also use a similar setup with megasync.

@sotolf @surendrajat I tried as well but I couldn't either. I have to say that something I liked so much from org mode was the ability to execute code like Jupyter notebooks.

@surendrajat You could install emacs in Termux, you would have to get used to it though, as it would be a non graphical version

@comcloudway that sounds too hardcore to me :)
Never mind I found Orgzly. Seems great.

@surendrajat I've written significant amount of text (including prose, structured markup, code that's been submitted upstream, math exercises) on my phone with Emacs in Termux.

I don't think there's anything better.

@akater I tried it but I'm not sure if I can type all those shortcuts and work without external keyboard. Seems little too small overall.

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