I usually repair my own Android phones. Rarely go to a repair shop.
What about you Apple fanboys/fangirls?

@surendrajat A true Apple fanboy will of course get triggered and say that you repair your own Android phone because you're too poor to go to a repair shop 🤣

@thorn yeah lol. I also can't afford an iKidney device :D

@surendrajat Yooo we got Louis Rossman. What u got? Probably never heard of your repairman.

@XxAlexXx haha. That guy seems really great.
Fortunately, in my country, people don't buy Apple devices that much, so you can get your phones repaired on every corner of streets.

@XxAlexXx But as shown in above video, for newer iPhones, it'll be near impossible to fix them and have all functionalities.

Did not yet have to repair my new-ish Android 10 phone which you have to heat to take the screen off, but I did change the battery on the old Android 6 phone 3 times already, it has just 4 screws and some glue that I do not even bother to replace. But I did break NFC on that one, tbh 😀

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