Okay change of plans. Fsck Skype. I'll keep Sway.
Screen sharing will work sooner or later. Till then I'll try to fix the touchpad gestures issue.

Man, I'm really enjoying this Garuda Sway edition and don't want to go back to i3 :(

@surendrajat You can use Skype web version if i am not wrong. Wayland share screen work quite good with pipewire.

I said the same to zoom app and now I used the web version to speak to customers.

Sway is an awesome WM.

@jrballesteros05 I do use web version of Skype but it only works on chromium based browsers and screen sharing doesnt work on them sometimes. It very unreliable and causes embarrassment which is why I wanted to switch back to i3.
Thankfully zoom in Firefox works very well and I can use that instead.

@surendrajat Strange, in my case Zoom does not work properly in Librewolf (Firefox fork) and it works better on Chromium.

I don't like chromium based browsers either but I have to keep a ungoogled-chromium because of work, sometimes things only works in Chromium. That's sad.

@jrballesteros05 well. LibreWolf is very privacy focused so it's understandable. I use vanilla Firefox.
The thing about Skype is that it does not even start on Firefox so.. no choice.

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