PipeWire: Bluetooth® support status update - Bluetooth® A2DP audio has now been qualified on the #SteamDeck using PipeWire & WirePlumber. Here's a look at where things stand, and what comes next: col.la/pwbtq #PipeWire #WirePlumber #OpenSource @ondeck

@sindastra There are only 2 problems in computer science:
2. Race Conditions
1. Cache Invalidation
3. Off-By-One Errors

OK, I'm gonna #askthefediverse about this

I have a USB-C dock that I connect my keyboard, mouse and monitor to (via display port).

In Windows when I shutdown the dock switches off power to the keyboard and mouse killing the back lights on both.

In Debian (my daily driver) when I shutdown, the Keyboard and Mouse remain powered / Lit forcing me to boot into windows to actually poweroff. (which is very, very annoying)

Does anyone out there know if there a 'poweroff'/'shutdown' Flag or configuration I can use so the shutdown in Debian turns off the USB's like Windows does.

I have been digging for this but cant seem to solve it, and I hate, really truly hate when Windows does something better than Linux

Thoughts, Ideas and boots welcome

Element chat android app is 115 MB on @fdroidorg
I know it's a universal APK but still it makes me sad to see app sizes growing like few MBs per release and yet you have Nekogram like apps much more lean and capable.

I guess we need something like per arch releases for more apps. Specially separate x86 APKs. That's just a waste of bandwidth for 99% of devices.

I did not quite understand why people are getting upset about

Then, I read @kev 's manifesto the other day and thought, "oh... Yeah... That makes sense."

This morning's coffee read even more eye-opening.

The Web3 Fraud | USENIX

I'm trying to host my own f-droid repo for few apps that are forked by me or closed-source and patched by me for root detection etc.

However, I couldn't find any easy way to do that on GitHub/GitLab with CI (but without server). Any idea? /cc @IzzyOnDroid

On occasion, I swing by the Federated Timeline...take a deep breath...and "nope" right on back over to Local.

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