Great news, everyone! To celebrate the end of WebWeek 2020, we are giving away 5 Home Servers, professional self-hosted editors for home use.

Just boost this toot to take part!

We’ll name the winners next week. Stay tuned for more news from our team!

I actually maintain a list of high-quality FOSS projects built in India. Some are very well known (eg: Calibre) while others deserve to be:

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You didn't know you needed this, but you do.

Special thanks to Licaon_Kter for pointing me towards it.

Hold onto your hats! We now have an automatic continuously-released Linux AppImage (without Python 2) that follows the tip of the #glimpse development branch.

Our testing is still ongoing, and we expect to produce stable builds in next week or so.

Do you work in a school, college, university or local organisation? Want to help spread the word about LibreOffice? We have some magazines to give away, to people who can make good use of them:

Google removed @k9mail from the Play Store without prior notice because they objected to the following text in the app description (that has been the same for more than a year):

(People sometimes call K-9: K9, K9 Mail, K-9 Email, K9 Email, K9 E-Mail, k9mail or k9email.)

"The Linux Foundation Doesn't Use Linux To Create Their Reports".
Found this today and I feel this needs to be shared. How can anyone promote something which they feel that is not good enough for them to use, that too for promoting it🤔

If Google does not want to listen to my explanations, I will not change the app for them.
The way they are acting is unfair and don't give any trust concerning next publications.
I prefer to spend my time to help people to switch on #FDroid for getting the app.



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