Steam Deck seems pretty interesting. I feel like I may buy my first gaming console someday soon.

Tired of installing debloated copy of Windoze, installing freaking wifi drivers using USB hotspot and setting up antivirus, so it doesn't detect KMS as virus and truckload of other bullshit, I finally installed Linux Mint on few of the relatives' laptops as they only needed a file manager, browser and office.
After months, 2 out of 3 guys are actually happy with it. Third one just doesn't use laptop as much. Less work for me. :)

.@Windows 11: "Simple by default. Powerful by choice."
Huh. That sounds kinda familiar, doesn't it?
KDE: "Simple by default. Powerful when needed."
A motto @kdecommunity has had for at least ... 7 years?

Shame on you @microsoft.

Okay change of plans. Fsck Skype. I'll keep Sway.
Screen sharing will work sooner or later. Till then I'll try to fix the touchpad gestures issue.

Man, I'm really enjoying this Garuda Sway edition and don't want to go back to i3 :(

Good day overall.
Found my love again for those old Punjabi evergreen songs. I wonder why I stopped enjoying those.
Also, finally giving a try to with doom-emacs. Thanks @derek for the inspiring video.

The ground cherries are really going off this year! Love these little things. Super productive and a sweet almost tropical strawberry kinda flavor.

We have released a new blog post about #glimpse project going on hiatus:

We would like to thank everyone that supported us over the last couple of years.

@surendrajat wow, and you got a Thinkpad! Now I'm jealous haha :D

Also great thread to reference this timeless XKCD comic!

In fact, a lot of people and projects think it's totally fine to move from one centralized service to another.
I guess, I can stop feeling the guilt of not hosting my own things :)

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With the fall of freenode and rise of, one thing is clear to me:

Not everyone in the FOSS community wants or have resources(time/money) to self-host everything and a centralized service isn't too bad for things that are open and public.

Ok, this is very scary. I decided to create a new account and they decided to join me automatically to recommended subreddits, and if you have been following me lately you will realize how accurate this is.

What is your opinion on Nova Launcher for android?

The audacity of adding to !

Gist of this PR:

- privacy
- good code
+ Universal Google Analytics
+ Yandex Metrica

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