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A comparison between instant messaging apps, regarding its network, encryption, custody and source code.

Although not so detailed, this is my favorite comparison for instant messaging so far.


cc: @itsfoss

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I've learned the best way to learn anything is to teach it to someone else, it shows where you are strong and where you need some work.

When they ask a question like "Why does ______ do _______?" and you say "Uhhhhhh" you know you need some work lol

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#Haskell is an interesting and certainly a life-long learning experience.

For instance, today I understood `deriving via`, which I was pretty aggressively avoiding by figuring out how to implement it and then briefly reading the docs.

Now I can avoid writing boilerplate where it's applicable. 🎉

I'm also really not embarrassed to not know some extensions that people are very comfortable with. Not like I'm pro "ridiculously simple haskell" or whatever is the name of this very questionable movement. I just think that people should be productive with Haskell straight away and then, either learn from the community, or do their own research when they feel like they are doing too much typing (some pun intended).

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We at just have open sourced our password manager tool `passveil` which we have been using internally for a while now and thought it would be nice to share it with everyone. #haskell

I published the webpage for Strema, my 'live coding a compiler in ' project, on HN:

I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out :)

Thinking about building a website for my programming language, so naturally I'm thinking about building a general purpose static website generator instead of just writing html like a reasonable person.

In about an hour I will be streaming the 5th session of live coding strema, a compiler from a (mostly) functional language to JavaScript, written in Haskell, on my twitch channel:

Today we'll hopefully finish the parser.

More information and previous session can be found in this link:

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Saw this little guy while hiking the other day

I've written quite a bit of materials over the years, check it out if you are interested in learning the language:

- Reading Simple Haskell:

- Learning Haskell by building a simple blog generator:

- Haskell study plan:

Let me know if you need more info / different material or if you have questions :)

I also live code Haskell on twitch. If this interests you consider following me:

Hello mastodon! I'm suppi. I like working on compilers, virtual machines, games, web, and more. Sometimes I live code on twitch as well.

I will mostly toot about , and maybe sometimes anime, d&d, games and synthwave.

Feel free to engage with me :)


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