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Git can be difficult but you need it if you want to contribute to . This article breaks down some steps you’ll need to take to complete your first contribution to .

7 Steps to Get Started with Git

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Fedi - I could use some help.

Recently I have been playing a bit of a digital archeologist and exploring websites of late 90s/early 2000s.

I have grown up in Poland, and we had a few internet focused magazines, that would include copies of websites on a CD. I bet other countries had similar publications.

This is where I need help. What magazines from your country included offline versions of websites? English preferred, but I am happy to explore any language. Boosts greatly appreciated!

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Scratch an Itch: Make Apps for Linux 

The most FOSS projects start because someone, somewhere, sees a problem (the itch) and they start programming their way to a solution (the scratch). So if you ever had an idea for an application you personally need you may find others have a similar desire and you should scratch that itch and start to make a Linux app.

therebis even a spock+etc remake having captain pike, not kirk, overlapping with the plot of star trek discovery.

@Matter oh, well, so there is a gap of feuilleton to fill, it seems...

@tinfoil-hat I know the people involved. There's a good chance that a Bavarian-like flip-flopping can be avoided.

I continued working on (a groupware framework) in over the past two days. I am in the process of moving the theming to /etc/horde/, rather than /usr/share/horde/. This will make it much easier to adapt the default theme to some custom theme. One big showstopper, however, for Horde in Debian is porting the unit tests over to 8.x. We'll see...

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First day on Mastodon after reading a great post by @kev!

Any tips on who to follow are very welcome! 🙏

Did the first row of uploads to unstable in weeks today: freerdp2, nx-libs, tightvnc (sponsored), libvncserver. My dashboard on looks like a shitload of work that needs to be done until the end of the year (Debian freeze).

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I was asked: What is it like to be in the @opensuse community?

Sometimes exciting, sometimes frustrating. Probably like any other community. 😃 What motivates me are my fellow geekos 🦎 and our values: be open, friendly, work transparently, respect others and their work. With these values we can create the best distribution in the universe.🤗😇

@thibaultamartin my whole system runs in en_US.UTF-8 whereas being a native de_DE.UTF-8...

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If you're a developer and not an english native speaker, which language do you use for your development tools?

Please don't answer if you're a native english speaker, not to bias the results. Boosts appreciated :)

#translation #internationalization #i18n

Let me know if you need an entry point and what kind of entry points those might be...

If you are interested in contributing to Open Source, there are loads of communities out there looking for help.

@nebunez Awesome. Probably even worse when in home office.

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Hey fediverse!

I'm looking for some motivated computer programmers to learn and collaborate with.

I am the sole developer at my job, and the (mostly) sole developer for all of my side projects; and to be frank, I've been lonely.

My goals are to further study mathematics and computer programming fundamentals in order to become a true professional and not just some "guy who makes webapps". I want to contribute meaningfully to my field and the world.

Feel free to boost, dm, and share links.

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