The city of , Germany, has recently opened a public tender and has asked companies to hand in their biddings for a possibly 100% IT solution. I am considering to hand in a quote for . Are there admins here on the Fediverse that can imagine joining into this effort as part of the team? If so, please get in touch! Thanks!

@sunweaver sounds interesting! curious to know how you're imagining it. a distributed team with local members? i do #sysadmin and i'm looking for accomplices to form a #coop and provide IT services. this might fit.


@zeh First of all, this projects requires German support service (written and spoken). I have recently founded the Fre(i)e Software GmbH for such projects. The company shall act as a container for lonely freelancers and people who prefer being employed. The idea is to provide FLOSS expertise for ethic / green / sustainable projects / customers.

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