So, I've come to expect the power situation to be flaky - thus the whole house generator. However, it's pretty terrible for the cable internet to be just as shaky. 8 hours after the power went out in the neighborhood, so thus did the cable internet. Time to seriously start researching other ways of getting internet as a backup. Tethering to my cell mostly works, but you can tell the first day the cell towers were shaky as well.

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Pretty funny for being within two miles of a Level3, MCI, etc interconnection point, how few options I have for alternative internet service providers

Most cable providers have distribution boxes in neighborhoods. These boxes have a.battery in them designed to keep cable up for short outages. Cable systems are closed RF systems that sometimes leak. A total outage like this is wonderful for Ham radio operators if their interference dies when the cable dies. Then they know who and what it is.

@Tay0 Haha yes... I was out DXing with my portable shortwave last night. So quiet on the radio!

Starlink might be your best solution for internet.

@Tay0 I've thought about Starlink, and while they're not super outrageous priced they're pretty beta from all accounts, and they're severely limiting the uptake in the beta if you live in an urban area.

Yeah, I'm very rural so it's promising for me. Right now, I use wireless broadband and my current provider is the best I've ever had at this home. I like having alternatives. Keeps current provider honest.

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