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Uhm... I think #NSA and #CIA deployed #PiHole:

"The IC has implemented network-based ad-blocking technologies and uses information from several layers, including Domain Name System information, to block unwanted and malicious advertising content," the CIO recently told Wyden's office, according to the letter.


What would you say was the optimal size for a mastodon instance?

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I predict in the next five years or so online video companies will start removing seek controls and indicia that shows you how long the video you're about to watch is. (maximizing forcing people to watch ads)

"I have PMS and a root password" was one of my favorite admonitions in a .plan on one of the earliest public access unix bbses, m-net

Switched from DDG to startpage. So far, the results are markedly better. I'll stick with this until someone gives a well reasoned and researched reason not to.

Man, I fuckin' hate weird, intermittant network problems that don't show up in any logs... time to get that managed switch, I guess

Honestly, good on Epik! Spending the absolute minimum of effort to fleece those desperate to stay relevant and extract the maximum amount of cash from the rubes. That's my kind of progressive organization!

Would Perlural be too goofy a name for a fediverse server written in perl?

It seems like perl's Audio::TagLib module prefers a very specific version number of taglib, and will only work under 1.11 or 1.11.1, and only if taglib is built with -fPIC (which is not the default!! I had to learn about cmake to figure out how to add that to the compilation step) 1.9, 1.10, 1.12... all failed for various reasons.

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Yeahh... maybe the reason I don't use python very much. And it's just too pedantic. CPAN doesn't fail nearly as often as a pip/pipx install will, but perl's much older and has some of that baked out by now.

Most of the cpan/cpanm failures come from system library mismatches. I came across this just yesterday with Audio::TagLib (and figuring it out also prompted the irritation with DDG)

Does anyone use djb's daemontools on the regular? I've been installing it alongside init on slackware for a long time.

I learned the internet on a Data General Dasher D100 dumb terminal connected to an acoustic coupler modem

Is it just me or have DDG's results gotten noticably worse in the last few months? Especially when it comes to coding/sysadmin kind of queries...

I think the way I may do it is to remove the HD and have it boot from DVD, keeping everything in ram so it's just wiped clean every time it reboots, which should happen at a regular pace.

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I think once I've finished replacing my old home file/info server (a Lenovo laptop) I'm going to turn it into a piratebox.

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