It seems to constantly go offline...

And when the lake is very busy/windy/churning the camera seems to lag big-time. Takes a lot to compress 4k spherical video... I wonder how hard it is to tune the codec to accommodate the rectilinear distortion of a 360 cam?

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getting lost on the internet means trying to find where the hospital is on the easternmost island of American Samoa on google maps

late night blender free associating while very high

Gilligan is my most-photographed cat, my cats live so long he was really only the second to have good digital coverage

spaghettification for me has been when servers on my server rack slowly have gotten replaced

two new i5/i7 mac minis found their way to me, and are now a network backup server and an offline clone of my main home servers put in a grounded metal box for good luck

Wow, so Patreon just fired its entire security staff? Who's next, Paypal?

If you are supporting anyone through, make sure your account has/had a unique password (at a minimum)


Whoa laid off their ENTIRE security team.

Wouldn’t trust my data there. Also there’s some amazing talent to scoop up.


At a coffeeshop for the first time in years, drinking hipster coffee, slinging perl code

Seems like exactly the wrong time to be getting into fine art, with algorithms starting to usurp that, too

And then I felt THIS rant in my bones.

My fear is that once the spammers take an evil eye to the fediverse as it becomes more popular, this exact same thing is going to happen to the fediverse.

Not being on facebook, I have found, makes you an unperson

Well, it looks like twitter was going to try to turn itself into onlyfans. Glas I left before it turned all of my friends into whores....

pretty amazed we never lost power. No trees or branches down in my area

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