Honestly looking forward to slackware 15... And actually looking forward to rebuilding all of my usual apps and utilities. I can solve a bunch of stupid problems I've been avoiding with that blank slate!

Oh boy, a thousand word screed titled WHY MASTODON IS DOOMED that boils down to whining about it not letting you write thousand word screeds about mastodon. :tableflip:

Relatedly, here's an easy bookmarklet to help you dodge paywalls:

javascript:location.href='https ://web.archive.org/web/*/'+location.href;

Create a new bookmark on your browser toolbar, and paste that as the url. remove space after https.

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"  If you want a picture of the future, imagine a Facebook-branded set of VR goggles strapped to an emaciated human face—forever."

Well wired has definitely changed its tone from the metallic inked techno utopian onanism it once had hasn't it

"...When Buckminster Fuller came to Canada, he kept asking the same question: 'Have you ever really considered how much your [files] weigh?'

The Canadians took this very seriously."


$ ./fileweight CatTV.mp4
The file CatTV.mp4 weighs about 1.208159e-04 grams.

Gilligan's favorite show is getting fat!

I have a serious case of slashdot UID number elitism. Don't even talk to me if it's over 200k

Amused that the online calendaring app I wrote a decade ago did "on the nth of the month" repeat and neither protonmail nor google calendars do that

Wow! They've re-invented open non-profit unix-based BBSes running picospan from 35 years ago. :eyeroll:


One way to get around paywalls is to take the url of the article and plug it into archive.org - much of the time the page has already been archived without the paywall.

it works more than I've expected it to.

hey why not LISP or Forth based config files to force you to utilize that CS degree

When I was still only using it on the desktop, I preferred liferea. tt-rss works for everything except the very smallest screen (i.e. phone - works great on my tablet still)

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This post has gotten some attention, and there are other discussions about what you use to aggregate. I've been using tt-rss.org for awhile on one of my own servers, and it's quite solid, despite the developer being kind of rude and combative. It has nice filtering, seems zippy, and was a pretty good drop-in replacement for Google REader.

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I am uncomfortably fascinated by collapseos.org/. I'm so happy FORTH is starting to make a resurgence...

Aww, I remember going actual places and doing actual things with other actual weirdo humans

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Is it still caturday? He's rolling around in front of his Kitty TV trying to catch the bird unawares.

everything is all fucked up forever and the world is falling apart until you realize that your UTF-8 setting in the terminal got unset somehow

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