Has anyone ever explored systemd.path files to trigger scripts?

Do you ever mv a bunch of files from one volume to another, and then think to yourself... geez I really should've copied them instead, then sweat bullets for a few seconds?

I “discovered” sshfs yesterday. I like it.

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I’ve lived on this earth for over 40 years now, and I still can’t figure out how to keep sandals for marie than 2 months with them stinking…. baking soda doesn’t help, washing on occasion seems to make things worse…. what am I doing wrong here?

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System76 has launched encrypted Network Time servers with a technology called NTS! Click here to learn more about System76's NTS servers and how to add them to Pop!_OS: system76.com/time

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Just woke up from a nightmare. In it, I built a website with a newsletter popup. Gotta take a shower now and cleanse myself of that filth

TIL Oracle provides a more updated kernel than Red Hat if you want to use it. OL 6 has kernel 4.x and OL 6 has 5.x. That’s pretty cool.

I'm not one to give financial advice.... but don't look at your retirement account for a little while lol.

Are there any Linux terminal emulators that are as good as iterm?

I have just learned about gemini protocol. Looks like a fun future project.

I love some of the default @pop_os_official keyboard shortcuts. super+t for terminal, super+b for browser. I really miss those shortcuts on other platforms.

I have a really weird desire to try to learn emacs...

I let myself gain about 25 pounds over the last 7 or 8 months… now I’m trying to drop at least 15 of those lbs and it really sucks. Are skinny people just hungry all the time?

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